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Selling Property Privately no commission  

We are proud to say that No Agent is the leading For Sale by Owner Private Sale of Property website in South Africa. No Agent was the original pioneer of empowering sellers to sell privately and pay no commission.

We have been helping owners save huge amounts in estate agents commission since 2004.

Over the past 14 years we have learnt a significant amount about the property market in South Africa. It was always our vision and mission to empower the seller as much as we could. It has always been our belief that the commission estate agents charge is just way too much.

We didn’t anticipate changing our business model until we were recently (early 2018) approached by an astute Venture Capital Fund. They suggested we expand our offering to incorporate working in tandem with a select few estate agencies that share our view that the commission rates charged in South Africa and exorbitant, and simply unjustifiable.

After much debate and though we spoke to lots of our clients and embarked on extensive research before deciding on our new offering.

We are now able to offer the full spectrum of services, making No Agent once again the pioneer of an evolving property market in South Africa. In simple terms we now offer the following options for property owners wanting to sell their homes.

  • For Sale by Owner Private sale, different packages. No commission

  • Combination of the owner selling privately alongside a mandate with one of our Estate Agency partners at a low commission (via a mandate with one of our estate agency partners)

  • Fixed Fee unbeatable Low Commission rate on open or sole mandates for those that are not comfortable with going through the process on their own (via a mandate with one of our estate agency partners)

It is important to state that No Agent is not an estate agent, we remain a marketing platform. We will continue to assist private sellers however we now are able to refer those that don’t want to sell privately to estate agents that will offer them unbeatable commission on a tiered structure based upon the seller’s involvement in the process.

The diverse nature of South Africa gives the property buyer in South Africa a wide variety of options.

You can buy property in one of the many game reserves of South Africa and wake up with nature every day. For the city lover South Africa has properties such as townhouses, flats, apartments and suburban houses. Although South Africa is known for its untamed nature it also has big cities such Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and many more. These cities in South Africa offer luxurious property in sought-after areas with many excellent investment opportunities for the South African property buyer. South Africa also boasts with abundant farming regions and a property buyer looking to invest in a farm or even wanting to start farming themselves, has a wide variety of property in South Africa to choose from. South Africa has some of the most beautiful coastal regions in the world with property in high demand not only in South Africa but also throughout the world. The KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa has largely unspoiled property in the North Coast areas with excellent holiday property on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. The Western Cape of South Africa offers untamed nature with property on the West Coast and the Cape Town regions internationally known for its property due to its spectacular sea and mountain views.



Guide to selling property in South Africa

A summary of the course of action for a successful sale

Selling your property can be a nightmare if you don’t understand the various ins and outs of property sales. You can do without the stress and problems this may cause. Property is a huge financial asset and you want to do the sale right the first time. So, have a look at our easy to understand ‘Guide to selling property in South Africa’, and be prepared for a successful sale.

The first step to selling your property successfully…

Are you going to use an Estate Agent?

Some other options include using an online or low commission Estate Agent or selling your property privately. Not too long ago, the most common way and the only way, was to sell property using an Estate Agent.

What are good qualities for a great estate agent?

The Estate Agent should be able to make the entire process easy and stress-free

The agent should be able to help and be available to answer any questions

Marketing should be second nature to the estate agent

Negotiating skills are very important

Managing of the entire sale process, from start to finish

As with all business, there are those Estate companies who fail to provide these essential qualities. They provide poor services and leave you more frustrated than ever, and on top of that, you still must pay them if they eventually do sell your property. Many have experienced this type of bad service and therefore go the private route when selling their home.

Selling property privately has two main advantages:

You save on commission you would have had to pay towards the estate agents.

This way the owner is in control of the entire sales process

Many of the private sellers have gone through the sales process and understand what to do and expect. They have enough self-confidence to show the house to prospective buyers. But there are some challenges to selling privately.

To market and advertise the property effectively, keeping to a budget

Having the self-assurance to communicate professionally with potential buyers

This is the most difficult challenge; understanding and knowing all the legal requirements

In the past, everybody only had these two choices for selling property. Today, with access to technology, computers, websites, there is another way. There are the online or low commission estate agents. This is the new way of buying and selling property, which puts all the control in the hands of the consumer.

You can sell your house online by choosing from different package options, which starts off with a basic listing and moves up to adding professional photographs or even videos of your home. You as the seller pay no commission or a lower commission pay-out. All you must do is show the potential buyer around your home.

Choosing the correct property price

The second step to selling property successfully is determining the price. Selling property quickly is great, but you also want to know that you’re selling at a competitive price. Determining a good sales price can rest on several factors.

Some include:

The location of the property

What future development plans are there in the area

If you still have a bond on the house, you must take this into consideration

Make sure to get a current municipal valuation

If you are using an Estate agent, the commission should be added to the price

Home staging your property

The third step is creating an attractive and appealing space for potential buyers. This not only includes the times when buyers come to view your property but also in things like photographs and videos. This is critical in getting the attention of interested buyers.

A few keys points:

Make sure the garden is neat

Don’t have garbage bins or other clutter lying around

Fix any cracks or obvious problems in and around the house

The home inside should be neat and tidy, you can even add some flowers around the house

Create an inviting atmosphere, roasting coffee is always a winner

Marketing your property

Step four involves effectively marketing your property, or nobody is going to know about it. You need to stand out from the crowd. This includes methods that use print and online marketing. By making sure of the details, such as professional photos, which should be of good quality.

Completing the Sale Agreement

Please note: what is written here is advice only, seek out a professional conveyance attorney for any legal information or guidance.

The last step in our guide to selling property in South Africa involves the Sale Agreement. First off, the buyer who has decided to purchase a property will be required to sign an Offer to Purchase. This eventually becomes official when all those involved have also signed off, it then becomes known as the Sale Agreement. Because you are selling a major asset, it is wise to get the opinion of a conveyancing attorney before signing off, especially if it is a private sale.

The offer of Purchase includes:

The price that the buyer will pay

Included in the document will be any conditions that may apply, for instance, it may only apply if the buyer can obtain an approved bond.

One of the important things to add is things not included in the sale of the house. Most people know that permanent fixtures are always included, but things like satellite dishes and other items can cause issues. These specific areas should be addressed clearly in the agreement.

Sometimes the buyer who is interested in a property might have some problems obtaining a bond from the bank. This is where the estate agent comes to the rescue by using a mortgage or bond originator, who will send a bond application through to different banks. By doing this, it may speed up the whole sales process and the estate agent may even receive a small commission on approval. South African banks can cut out the ‘middle man’ or bond originator by offering buyers who come to them directly, a more affordable deal.  Most buyers, who don’t really have time to deal with all the legal requirements, will stick to using a bond originator or consultant.

Having a professional conveyance attorney is important to a successful property sale. There are so many aspects in finalising a sales agreement that you need somebody who knows what they are doing.  For instance, there are different lawyers handling different aspects of the sale. You can have different lawyers who handle the seller’s bond cancellation and buyer’s bond registration. There is a lot going on, so having a good conveyance attorney is a must.

Interested in learning more?

The above was only a short guide to show what is involved in selling your property in South Africa. To get more information on how you can save on your property commission, make sure to contact us.

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