10 Tips on how to choose the best estate agent to sell your house

Tips on how to choose the best estate agent to sell your house

  1. Ask other people who have used that estate to sell their house

It sounds obvious but recommendations from impartial people who have sold through an agent before are invaluable!

  1. Think about what’s most important to you about selling your house

Is it the time taken to sell your house? The amount it sells for? The fees the agent charges? If a quick sale is your priority, be sure to ask impartial people who have used that agent about their efficiency throughout the selling process.

  1. Find an estate agent who has a proven track record for selling YOUR type of property

Certain agents may be great at selling detached ten-bedroom properties over R5 million but not as proficient at selling your one bed apartment for R700 000 for example.

  1. Think like a property buyer

Buyers often scour the areas they want to buy so do the same, walk around your local area and see which for sale signs say “SOLD” on them. The agents with the “SOLD” signs are the ones to contact first.

  1. Compare estate agents and don’t be afraid to “shop around”

Selling your home is one of the most stressful activities you will do in your life so don’t make it more stressful by rushing into using the wrong agent.

  1. Check the contract before instructing an estate agent

Read the contract small print carefully, as you could find yourself signed up and legally bound for a long period of time. If this is the case, even in the event of poor service, you will not be able to go elsewhere (unless you’re prepared to fork out for two fees!) Insist on a time period of your choice.

  1. Don’t just sell your house through the estate agent you’re buying from

Just because you have found your next dream home through one agent doesn’t mean they’re also the most suitable to sell your existing property.

  1. Consider instructing multiple agents to sell your house

To create a bit of “friendly competition” amongst the selling agents. If you decide to use multiple agents, check the small print on their contracts. They may insist on ‘sole agency’, which means that even if you sell your home privately or through another agent, you’ll still be charged a commission fee.

  1. Check their credentials

Is the agent you are about to choose to sell your house a member of an accredited body? Organisations such as these ensure that estate agents adhere to strict codes of conduct, giving you peace of mind that they’re not cowboys.

  1. Ask where they will be advertising your property

Nowadays it isn’t enough just to have a swanky high street location, estate agents need to advertise on some of the many online property portals.