10 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

Virtually everyone would like to know ways to save money on a tight budget nowadays, especially since prices are rising and the economy has grown more and more unreliable. In order to truly do this, you have to make a real effort to alter your spending behaviour for those spending and living beyond your means. Most people can benefit with the methods I am about to talk about.

One of the first ways to save money on a tight budget is if you have lunch out often, you could save a surprising amount of money by making your lunch and bringing it to work with you. By making your sandwiches or eating leftovers, you can be spending far less than you’ll have spent at perhaps your town’s most inexpensive take out restaurants. Healthy eating is easier as well if you make your lunches, because most take out has added calories and lots of fat and salt. If you have a busy schedule, eating lunch or dinner out also consumes your time and money. Making your lunch every day is a terrific way to save money, and over the course of the season these savings can become quite big.

The second ways to save money on a tight budget and could save a pile of cash is buying items used. A lot of people feel uneasy buying used clothes, furniture, appliances, and many other items because it makes all of them feel inadequate, but that is just a frame of mind. You can in the same way easily think about it as recycling. Providing you buy goods that are in good shape, why not get them for half the value, or perhaps cheaper than brand new? Keep your eyes and ears open for high quality used goods, and you can save a lot of cash.

The third ways to save money on a tight budget is obvious, and most ignored because most people don’t take time to look for free activities to do. They find themselves spending a pile of cash on leisure activities. Instead of going to the mall or the movies when you have the time off, look for something that does not cost anything. If the weather’s good, go for a walk or hike. Any nearby newspapers, weeklies and bulletin boards have plenty of local community ads with totally free activities to do in town. Popular no cost events consist of local community concerts, museums, cook out, car shows, boat shows, and more. If a person makes the time to watch out for it, you’ll find plenty of entertainment that is certainly affordable or free of cost.

The fourth ways to save money on a tight budget is for the college students. Instead of blowing a lot of money on brand new books there are plenty of places to get used ones, or you can even rent them at a lower cost. If you do need to buy a brand-new book don’t ever buy it on campus, because you could find it for half the price at a local book store. Make sure you do your homework before purchasing any books, because doing a little price shopping could save you thousands.

The fifth ways to save money on a tight budget is you get a used vehicle for your next car and you simply won’t have to deal with a car payment. If you simply keep up with your everyday maintenance of your vehicle like oil changes, tire pressure, and other fluids that need to be maintained you should be able to make that used vehicle last for a while and save money on that unneeded car payment or high car insurance payment.

The sixth ways to save money on a tight budget is never buy anything on impulse. Anytime you want to buy something that is very expensive give yourself a 24 to 48-hour period to think about the purchase pro’s and cons. Most of the time when you do this within that 48-hour time frame you truly realize that you really don’t need that expensive item right now, and you can probably manage with what you already have.

The seventh ways to save money on a tight budget is when you go food shopping follow these three rules. One you must make out a list and stick by that list. Second is never go food shopping hungry, because when you’re hungry you will get side tracked on everything that looks good to eat, and it will end up in your grocery cart. Third is the obvious, you must sit down every Sunday and cut those coupons out of the newspaper. Coupons are time consuming, but it saves hundreds of dollars in the long run.

The eighth ways to save money on a tight budget is save all your loose change. Instead of leaving all your loose change around the house or all around your car, or even at work. You get a large container, and at the end of the day you put all your loose change in one container, and at the end of every month cash in the container, and you should have like an extra R500 to bank.

The ninth ways to save money on a tight budget is at the beginning of every month write down all your bills that need to be paid. Throughout the month you make sure you receive a receipt for everything you spend money on whether it is gas, food, clothes, or even a candy bar. At the end of the month you go over every receipt that you have, and you will truly see where every one of your pennies has gone.

The tenth ways to save money on a tight budget is save by asking for a discount. Often you can get a discount or money off on many things you use and buy just by asking for a discount.  For example, call up your internet company and ask for a discount on your monthly bill, and most of the time they have a monthly special running. Often, they’ll give you a reduced promotional rate for a limited time. Another example is your medical bills, if you ask your medical billing department for a discount rate if you paid cash, you could save up to 20% on the bill. You can also put this together with purchasing a used car or purchasing a house. Just remember everything in life is negotiable.

Learning strategies or ways to save money on a tight budget in your lifestyle is advisable. While spending money will really feel good initially it simply just causes a lot of panic and anxiety when the bills start becoming due. The suggestions brought up in this discussion are an incredible starting point however they shouldn’t be the only things you choose to do. Follow some sort of budget and, each time you wish to spend some sort of money, try to think if there exists a cheaper solution available.