3 Steps to DIY Roof Leaks and Repairs

Like many things in life, roof leaks and repairs begin with three basic steps. Everything else that must be done in order to repair your roof begins with these three steps.

Not all roof repairs will require the skills and talents of an expert. At the same time it is important to remember that your roof has a vital function to protect the building it covers. Therefore, it is sometimes a wise investment to actually pay a professional to get the job done.

So, if you must, for whatever reason, do the job yourself it should come down to these three steps:

Discover the root of the problem.

Not all damage to the actual roof is found at the location of the leak. While the leak may be problematic you must find the actual source of the damage before you make repairs. Otherwise you are simply putting a band aid over a bleeding wound without at all addressing whatever it is that is causing the bleeding.

In other words the leak will return again and again unless you discover the actual cause of the leak instead of just throwing a patch of some sort over the leak location and a fresh coat of paint on the other side.

Determine what action will be necessary. Once you’ve identified the problem you will have to figure out what steps are needed in order to correct the problem. Do you need an entire new roof, will a repair kit work, is the problem isolated? There are an endless number of questions, each of which could result in a different type of roof repair project.

Do the work.

Getting the job done is the important part. Once you’ve decided what that job needs to be you must purchase the materials and study the steps involved in getting the job done. If the work involved is beyond your level of skill or well outside of your comfort zone or if you have health problems that make roof work hazardous please consider hiring a professional in order to make the repairs.

Otherwise, doing the labor yourself can save a great deal of money when done properly.

These are the very basic steps for roof repair. The reason they are so basic is that there are so many different types of roof and leak repair jobs that can be performed it is nearly impossible to offer a once size fits all solution for every roofing repair job that may need to be performed. Once you make the decision to do the work yourself you should devote some time and attention to studying the specific roofing problem you will be fixing and remember to explore all your options and make sure you have identified the problem(s) you want to repair before you begin.