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Some information about Private Property in South Africa

Articles About Home Loans

Pre-approved Home Loans
Are you thinking of buying a home? Not sure where to start, then getting a pre-approved home loan is the answer. What a pre-approved loan does is help make the buying process a lot more efficient… read more

Learn All About Interest Rates
Those of us who have not studied in the area of finance or find the subject a little confusing, may not understand key words connected to interest rates… read more

Articles About Selling Property

Private Property For Sale by Owner
Estate agents are usually the first people you want to see if you need to sell or buy a house and this used to be the only way. These days you have so many choices for many things, you can include private property for sale by the owner… read more

Private Property Sales
Private property sales; this is the decision many people are taking today. Why, because there are more options available that can help with a successful sale… read more

Property Valuations
When you decide that you want to sell your house; this is the time for you to find out just how much it is worth on the property market. In order to find this out you need to have a property valuation conducted… read more

Choosing Materials to Add Value to your Property Renovation
The choice of materials that you use when renovating a property can make a real difference to the resulting value of the property. As an investor, the number one rule for renovations is that you should never make a major or expensive change to a property if it will not increase the property’s worth… read more

Guide to Selling Your Own House
You need to be very aware of the property market as to whether it is a buyer or a sellers’ market.  Remember, if you sell in a hot market, you will most likely be buying in the same market… read more

The Truth About Selling Homes Privately
The truth is selling your home privately (for sale by owner) may end up costing more money in the long run, if you do not know what you are doing or are not prepared to do what is necessary… read more

Running a Show House When Selling Your Property
A key element to the sale of your property is the running of a show house. A show house is effective because of the following reasons: Most serious buyers look at a large variety of properties in the area/suburb they want to purchase in… read more

Reasons Why Your Property Is Not Selling
There could be a variety of reasons why your property is not selling including factors such as bad marketing, bad timing or bad pricing. Bad marketing plays a big role in the most cases of properties not being sold… read more

Tips to Help You Sell Your Property
Selling your house can be a daunting prospect but following a few simple guidelines can make the process flow a lot smoother: Choose an Agent or Sell the Property Privately… read more

Articles About Buying Property

Choosing the Best Investment Property
Choosing to invest in a property is a big decision, but it is just the beginning. Having set your sights on entering the property investment market, there are much to consider… read more

Building a Diverse Minimal Risk Property Investment Portfolio
All investments involve some element of risk. An investment is the purchase of an asset with the hope that it will generate an income, or its value will appreciate over time… read more

Residential Property Investment
Property is a long-term investment. It can be great for pensions or for those that want to leave something behind for future generations… read more

Commercial Investment Property
Commercial investment property is a great option for anyone looking to grow and diversify their investment portfolio. Typically, commercial property can generate longer, more stable leases… read more

Distressed Property
Distressed property is property that is in danger of being or has been foreclosed upon. Foreclosure or repossession is the legal process through which a lender attempts to recoup the balance of a loan… read more

Property Investments
Property investment can take many forms. In basic terms, it is the purchase of a property or shares in a property with the aim of making a monetary return… read more

Personality Traits of Successful Property Investors
If asked, most people would probably say that the things someone needs to become a successful property investor are a decent amount of capital in the form of savings and a good credit history… read more

Choosing the Property that is Right for You
Making the right decision in choosing the right home will require you to balance your wants and your needs. It’s rare that the perfect house comes along at the perfect time, but you can look for a house that is practical, attractive and fits within your budget… read more

Calculating the Costs Involved in Buying Property
There are many reasons why people decide to buy a new house, from the newly married couples looking for a home to start their lives together to relocating to another region because of a new job… read more

Buying Property on Auction – What You Need to Know
A lot of astute investors are using auctions to buy undervalued property. The buyers and bidders of the auctions will find a wide range of properties ranging from entry level properties, to plots and even mansions on auctions… read more

Re-possessed Property
When owning property, you hope you will never come to the position where your home or business is re-possessed. On the one hand some see these types of properties as an opportunity to buy a bargain… read more

Investment Property For Sale
When it comes to investing your money, there are many options available including getting involved with property investments. Investment property for sale can be both a long term undertaking as well as short term… read more

Farms For Sale in the Western Cape
The Western Cape is a beautiful region situated within the south-west part of South Africa. The entire region covers an area north and east of the Cape of Good Hope… read more

Selling Your Property Before Buying a New Property
Should you sell your property before you buy a new property or is it better to buy first and then sell? Many people prefer to buy the new property first as this makes them feel secure in knowing that they have a place to stay… read more

Guide to Buying Property in South Africa
The following are guidelines to help you buy a property in South Africa at an affordable price and to help you make an informed decision on which property to buy… read more

Buying Property Off Plan
When buying a property in South Africa off plan you need to do your homework and you need to be aware of potential pitfalls. There are many stories of buyers who bought property off plan only to discover a variety of defects… read more

Types of Property in South Africa
South Africa offers the property buyer a wide range of options with regards to the property market. The various types of property in South Africa include: Batchelor Flats, Flats, Town Houses, Cluster Houses, Cottages, Houses, Small Holdings and Farms… read more

Articles About Sectional Title

The Difference Between Freehold Property and Sectional Title
Consumers today are faced with numerous choices every day, from what brand of clothing to buy to what car you would like to drive. The property market has plenty of choices of its own, so if you are somebody looking to buy a house, it would be best to know the difference between freehold property and other types of residential properties… read more

Sectional Title Units
One of the biggest investments ever made by a person is buying a property. It is the duty of every owner buying a unit in a scheme to ensure that their Trustees and their Managing Agent are running the complex in a professional manner so that their investment can grow and prosper… read more

Common and Exclusive Use Property in Sectional Title
Common Property in a sectional title scheme is the land included in the scheme, buildings that are not included in a section and land bought by the relevant body corporate subsequent to the establishment of the sectional title scheme… read more

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