Private Property Sales

Private property sales

Private property sales; this is the decision many people are taking today. Why, because there are more options available that can help with a successful sale. Companies or websites that help the seller and buyer at much lower costs than going with an Estate Agent. If you are thinking of private property sales and saving money, just remember not too think too cheap, because a good marketing strategy is a must and tends to cost a little as well. You must be willing to pay out something.

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You must have knowledge of the property market to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. By thinking you can skip this step and sell successfully, is a grave mistake. Having no plan and wanting to spend little to no money, will only lead to failure, costing time and most probably losing more money in the long term. When an unprepared seller is face to face with an interested buyer, this could make the buyer uncomfortable. Buying property after all involves large sums of money. Fortunately, today there is help available to those who wish to sell privately.

Some factors that can influence private property sales negatively:

  1. Poor advertising
  2. Properties that are over priced
  3. Those properties that stay on the market for too long can cause many potential buyers to overlook the property. This in-turn can make it difficult to bring interest back to that specific property.

When selling your home, it is best to always complete the selling process before attempting to buy and finalize the sales process of your next house. You might look around and find some great places and want to move ahead with purchasing your dream home. But this can lead to problems, if you can’t sell your current house in time, you can land up with having two bond repayments.

A few simple do-it-yourself marketing ideas for private property sales

The place where you already have a large audience, is through social networking. You can easily set up a Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other accounts like YouTube. Make sure to take some quality pictures of the property to post on these sites and share. These photos can also be placed in newspapers, magazines and other suitable advertising platforms. There is a recent trend that makes luxury homes stand out by making use of professional night images. This provides a more unique look at the house, displayed by outdoor lighting, which adds a more romantic view of the home. Another technique is using a drone for aerial view, this is a wonderful way to display a home in the mountains or on a large estate.

The virtual tour seems to be on the rise, so adding this to your advertising campaign might be a good idea. There are a few good companies out there that offer these services. This type of tour helps to capture your home in a unique and appealing way, a still photograph cannot produce. The 180° or 360° is also interactive.

Don’t forget the simplest of advertising method, the ‘For Sale’ sign. A well designed and visible sign can easily create awareness of your property for sale. If you live in a complex or quiet street, ask a person who has a house nearby that lies on a corner or along a busy road, to put up your sign with an arrow pointing to your property in their yard.

You could use direct mail by placing well-designed ads into post boxes at the post office and into house mail boxes. Ask family and friends to do the same. You could also go the e-flyer route, by sending emails to local real estate agents, friends and family. Depending on your research done, you could host an open house, advertise and invite the neighbors. Before you do any of these things, it is best to make sure your home is in good shape. Fix all that needs to be fixed and improve the overall aesthetics of your property inside as well as outside. Some may even be able to hire a home stager, who can help to display your property and provide the best image to potential buyers.

Some other less utilized marketing strategies include offering incentives to buyers and advertising this. For example, offering tickets to a concert. A unique way to market your home, which is currently only done overseas, is to have a potential buyer stay in your home for a while. In this way they can see the benefits of living in the area and have firsthand experience of living in the house they wish to purchase. This can obviously only be done in certain circumstances, not sure if this would catch on in South Africa.

As part of the marketing plan and before you go ahead with the advertising, your property should be correctly valued. This is usually something that is done by a reputable estate agent. You can make an appointment with certain real estate or other companies to determine this, or there are also free online options also available. Working out your asking price is important and a major factor in a quick and successful property sale.

Since we live in a world surrounded by technology, the easiest method buyers have at their fingertips is the internet. Buyers will automatically search online for property, so for somebody who is involved with a private property sale, the next step would be to look for an online marketing platform.

What to expect from companies and websites that help with private property sales

There are a few excellent and professional websites that offer help to private sellers. These websites do not rely on the actual sale of your property, but on the services that will help you sell your house. Their business success lies in helping the property seller with a successful sale, so they will be providing the best services possible.

When using an estate agent, you will have to pay a commission, which is usually a percentage of your property sale price. This is quite a large amount, by using one of these marketing platforms for a private sale could save you a lot of money. By using these platforms, you will also know all your marketing costs. These websites usually have different packages that you can choose from, standard packages include a few services, while more comprehensive packages include a lot more.

Services included on these marketing platforms:

  1. A listing or featured listing on the website and depending on the package chosen, listings on other property sites.
  2. You can list your property for sale as well as for renting purposes
  3. They will usually provide a listing description of the property. By including professional content only helps to improve the effectiveness of a sale. There are thousands of listings on the internet, yours needs to stand out. Your homes best characteristics must be explained in the description. You may think that this is not that important, but you can never underrate the power words have.
  4. Professional photography, this is also very important in a professional listing
  5. These companies offer property valuations
  6. Drafting of certain legal property documents, such as the Offer of Purchase documents.
  7. They even offer services like creating ‘For Sale’ property boards
  8. The company can also help with screening of any potential buyers. To rule out all the time-wasters.
  9. Many now also offer more up to date services like virtual tours and drone photography

Besides offering all these comprehensive services, there might also be the option of using an Estate Agent as well. These Estate Agents all offer a fixed fee low commission, which still saves you money. As a buyer looking to purchase property these websites are a great place to start, whether its residential, commercial properties or even vacant land. Some of these listing property companies also assist in bank sales or repossessed properties. By visiting these sites, you may find a property bargain, as the banks list all their repossessed properties. These types of listings are not always found everywhere, but on these sites. Many of these companies also have an app that you can download, which keeps you up to date on the selling process. They can also send out alerts to buyers interested in properties they have shown interest in.

Advantages of using the online listing property websites

  1. Both buyers and sellers have a wider reach. You have hundreds of interested people searching a popular listing site every day.
  2. You should be able to find the right property for you, much quicker. You should also be able to find a potential buyer that much faster.
  3. By listing your property and using these websites, you save time and money. Much of the stress involved in private property sales can be put aside.
  4. By having a listed property, you have more credibility, especially if you are renting out the property. Your property is listed on a credible site and not in the classifieds section of the newspaper.
  5. These sites make the whole process of selling and buying property a lot easier and provide advice along the way if you need it.

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