Bathroom Remodeling Plans

The master bathroom is a great place to focus your next remodeling plans. The bathroom is a room that you spend a lot of time in. And making that room look and feel nice so it takes good care of your needs while you are in there is an outstanding goal of your renovation. Not only will you benefit directly from creating a luxurious master bathroom for the king and queen of the house, it is an outstanding step that improves the value of your home. Even if you are not planning on moving any time soon, putting in an “up to date” and luxurious bathroom is a good investment in the future.

The best way to begin organizing your bathroom plans is to start from scratch and do some serious dreaming. Its ok to draw up beautiful and elegant plans for that master bathroom based on luxury suites you may have stayed in during trips to big cities or based on beautiful bathrooms you have seen in magazines, on TV or in the homes of friends. By filling up your dream notebook with lots of ideas, you will have plenty of material to work with to plan your dream bathroom.

Once the dreaming has done its job of giving you ideas, then it is time to let reality enter the discussion. Reality will take the big dreams you have made and help you select the ideas that you can actually do. The two factors that will drive the process of bringing your dreams into reality are budget and space. So the next step is to take your “book of dreams” and look with a critical eye at the master bathroom you have now. You can then begin to get a feel for what will fit in the physical space you have for your bathroom area. Or it will help you begin to envision expanding the bathroom space to allow for more of the remodeling ideas you have come up with.

This is not to say that most of the dreams you add to your “master bathroom wish list” won’t come true. But you will have to adapt them to the physical space you have or can create in the bedroom you own. You may still be able to put in a beautiful and modern shower and an up to date toilet to replace that old cracked one. But the Jacuzzi or the spa may have to wait if there is not space for them in the bathroom space right now.

The same kind of evaluation will happen when you estimate the budget you will have for the renovation project. There are two parts of evaluating your budget, which are what you have and what it will cost. The cost evaluation can be done by either spending some time using online remodeling sites that offer software to help you with the process or by getting some help from a remodeling expert at a hardware store you trust. But by getting a good feel for your budget for the renovation project, you can refine your goals until you have a plan for remodeling that is both creative and forward thinking but achievable in the space and budget that you have.