Home Staging Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Staging your home before mandating an estate agent is essential in getting your home selling faster for more.  Staging your home is the act of finding ways to show off your home’s finest qualities and downplaying the less perfect ones.

You need to dress up your home in its Sunday best!  The following staging tips are worth considering if you are thinking of a stress-free home selling experience.

Here are some Home Staging Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

You need to create the illusion of space by rearranging your furniture.  Try with various combinations and event consider removing and storing pieces that make your home feel crowded.

Arrange all the furniture in the living areas into different intimate groupings. These groupings will be ideal entertaining and conversational settings.

You must even consider renting additional furniture, especially when the furniture pieces that you have don’t match, and badly worn, or are in any state of disrepair.

You can add decorative pillows and slipcovers in warm neutral tones to hide flaws and make furniture pieces blend.

You must eliminate clutter.  Store or get rid of appliances, gadgets, newspapers, mail or anything that takes up space or distracts attention.


             Eliminate and remove Clutter

De-personalize your home so buyers can imagine living in it.  Put away pictures, awards, trophies, collectables, and other personal keepsakes.

Paint walls in inviting neutral colours to cover flaws and freshen rooms.

Add small luxurious touches to bathrooms and bedrooms.  Think plush towels, fresh flowers, high-end bed linens, and pretty bath soaps.

Eliminate unpleasant odours and smells that can kill a sale.  Fragrant candles, plug-ins, and home sprays can help, but nothing smells better than clean. Professional cleaners will make sure to deodorise your home as well. Make sure the origin of the smell is taken care of!

Plants are great for creating an aura of softness and warmth to any room.  Large or small plants are a favourite of professional stagers.

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7 Great design ideas for your bathroom

When you’re ready to renovate a bathroom or you are designing a bathroom within a new home, you want to get the most luxury and comfort for the money you spend. That’s why it’s important to start looking at some of the best power house bathroom design ideas as you plan out your new bathroom. The following are some fabulous design ideas that you’ll want to consider for a functional yet luxurious bathroom.

#1 – Use a Vessel Sink

One of the power house bathroom design ideas to consider is using a vessel sink in your bathroom. There’s a reason that these sinks have become such a popular design choice in bathrooms within the past few years. They are especially popular within bathrooms that have a contemporary or modern design. The addition of a vessel sink instantly adds a stylish, unique touch to the bathroom and they come in so many sizes, colors and materials, and with Stylish and Luxurious Taps one can give a designer touch to bathrooms

#2 – Add a Steam Shower

Another great design idea is to add a steam shower to your bathroom. Steam showers have become popular, since they use less water than hot tubs, not to mention, they take up a lot less space as well. If you are short on space, you can go with the steam shower and enjoy the relaxation it brings.

#3 – Choose the Right Paint

Believe it or not, choosing the right paint is important when it comes to your bathroom’s design. In many cases, just changing the paint in a bathroom is enough to give the room a whole new look. When choosing paint, you’ll find that latex paint is durable and it dries quickly, which is important if you are painting the room yourself. However, many professional painters will choose to use oil paints, which are wonderfully stain resistant.

#4 – Invest in the Perfect Lighting

Make sure you invest in the perfect lighting for your bathroom. Not only is good lighting important for adding style to your bathroom, but it is needed for practical needs as well. It is important to make sure that mirrors are well lit, so you can easily see while applying makeup or shaving. Many people find that going with up lighting in the bathroom is a great choice. Since these lights shine up, you don’t end up dealing with shadows on your face when looking in the mirror. Lighting also adds to the warmth and style of your bathroom, so choose something that goes with your bathroom design.

#5 – Add Some Privacy

Another great power house design idea is to add some features for privacy within your bathroom. For example, you can enclose the toilet area or at least keep it behind a half wall for some privacy in the bathroom. Another popular idea is to offer some barriers between the sink area and the area for bathing, which offers more privacy as well.

#6 – Go with a Large Tub

There’s nothing like having a large tub to relax in after a hard day. While you don’t have to have a huge tub that is difficult and expensive to fill, you can go with a tub that is deep enough to ensure you get a nice soak. Of course please be mindful if you are living in areas like the Western Cape and the Easter Cape currently experiencing droughts.

#7 – Stylish and Durable Flooring

Last, stylish and durable flooring is important to the overall design of your bathroom. Ceramic tile is still the most popular choice for the bathroom and it is available in many different colors and designs, making it easy to find tile that will fit into your bathroom design. If you want to add more comfort, consider radiant flooring, which warms up the tile flooring when it’s cold.

We hope that you are inspired by these ideas. Please feel free to contribute your ideas.

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Tips on cleaning stained mirrors to improve your home for showing

Mirrors are not the easiest things to clean, even when they’re new and have only a little bit of grime build up. Streaks, finger marks, dust and fluff from everyday items seem to appear on mirrors from out of nowhere making them tricky to keep sparkling clean. Worse still is a mirror that is stained. Stains look unsightly and they reduce the effectiveness of the mirror’s practical use. On the other hand, a spotlessly clean mirror can do wonders for the aesthetics of the room, helping to reflect light and adding a sense of spaciousness. So it makes sense to address a stained mirror so you can totally enjoy the space you live in. Here are a few tips on how to clean mirrors that are stained.


You’ve probably heard many times before that vinegar is a great way to clean things around the home. Well it’s true. Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent and is one way to give mirrors a bright new shine. Using some screwed up newspaper dabbed in distilled vinegar, wipe your mirrors over and work hard on the stained areas. You will be pleased to see that the mirror comes up beautifully and, thanks to the newspaper, is free of paper fluff that is often left behind by paper towels.

Prevent Spots

You can avoid adding to your stained mirror problem by ensuring you spray cleaning solutions onto cloths or paper as opposed to directly onto the mirror. Inevitably, when mirrors are sprayed the solution will end up behind the glass and cause those unsightly black spots that you’ve no doubt seen on older mirrors. Simply spray the cleaning fluid onto your cloth and then wipe the mirror down.

Removing Gunk

If you have stains on your mirror that appear to have a sticky surface then give oil a try to remove the gunk. This type of build up can be the result of perfume sprays and other personal care products ending up on the mirror’s surface. Or perhaps someone thought it was a nice idea to place stickers on the mirror at some stage and now all that’s left behind is sticky goo. Never fear. Grab some olive oil or even baby oil and soak the problem areas with it. Avoid trying to scratch the goo away as you could very easily damage the surface of the mirror and that will be difficult to repair.

Furniture Polish

Stains from things such as crayons, pens and markers can be quite troublesome on mirrors, but it’s worth giving furniture polish a try. Add a little to a cloth and dab onto the damaged areas. By leaving the polish in place for at least a few minutes you will allow it to penetrate the stains. Wipe away to reveal a stain free mirror!

A clean mirror is the ideal accessory for any room within your home as it will add a feeling of spaciousness, calm and will also reflect light. A dowdy looking mirror will bring the opposite effect so it’s imperative that you keep your mirrors sparkling clean. Once you’ve removed the grime and stains from your mirrors commit to giving them a regular wipe down to keep them clean and shiny for everyone to enjoy.

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How to choose the right bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture is great because it can also provide additional storage space in your bathrooms, and it also gives your bathroom an aesthetic finishing touch. By covering up plumbing and piping, bathroom units will make your room seem cleaner and more modern. Choosing the right furniture for your bathroom can be a little overwhelming, since you have so many choices. Today we’re talking about what your furniture options are, and how they can work in your bathroom. So if you’re in the middle of renovating, then read on to find out how to furnish your bathroom.

Sink Units…

Sink units are the traditional storage option for bathrooms, and you get a fair amount of space under a sink. This is dead space, or space that would not normally be used where there not a cabinet there. Sink units come in a wide variety of styles, and can even be bought with sink included should you want a really professional looking finish to your room.

Toilet Units…

Toilet units are a growing trend in bathroom design, and are basically small units that contain the workings of the toilet as well as a small amount of storage. These units have the advantage of concealing the toilet cistern, whilst being easier to install than in the wall toilets. You don’t get much space in toilet units, but they do make your bathroom more aesthetically pleasing.

Vanities and Other Cupboards…

Vanities are generally mirrored, making them dual purpose, since you can both store things inside them and use them for shaving and putting on cosmetics. Traditionally, a vanity is placed over the sink, but there are many other options, including corner vanities that can utilise another area of common dead space in the bathroom. You can also get normal cupboards that will hang on walls. These will give you plenty of space, but they aren’t always suited to smaller bathrooms.

How to Choose…

When you’re choosing your bathroom furniture there are a couple of things that you’re going to want to keep in mind. The first is style. You want furniture that is in keeping with the overall style of your bathroom. If you have a classic, claw footed bath tub with brass taps, for example, you’ll probably want to steer clear of modern, sleek furniture in favour of a more traditional look. You also need to keep size in mind. Bathrooms do tend to be the smallest room in a lot of homes, and as such don’t always have the space to add much extra furniture. Remember to measure the space that you have available to avoid buying something that’s too big and won’t fit your room. When it comes to colour, the sky’s the limit. Whilst white is a classic choice, many people find that different kinds of wood or bright colours serve to accent an otherwise colourless bathroom. You’re going to want to consider your choices carefully, and go for something that’s both visually appealing and practical too. You might even want to consider a range of bathroom furniture which will offer you many different pieces in the same style, that way you can ensure that everything matches perfectly. You can also read more on the subject of bathroom furniture.

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Country Style Decorating Tips

Choosing the look of your home can be a difficult task, everyone will like something different and you need to ensure that you have an overall theme with which to work. Once you’ve decided on a theme you might find a bit of flexibility in things which will suit. This month we’re going to take you through the Country Style decor which is popular this year. The look combines the light, neutral tones of country homes on the coast with a weathered look to add character.

Walls & Floors

You can’t think about one without taking care of the other. Your walls and floors make up a large portion of what the eye will see and while you want to create a basic canvas to work on, you can still add some modern country home character. Walls should use vertical lines, so if you can afford old cream panelling then this will be the most authentic route. If you can’t afford proper wood panelling, then there are plenty of wallpaper options which gives that rustic wood effect. When choosing your carpet, you should try to avoid going for the same colour as the wall but stick to the light grey/cream palette. A heavy weave offers a shabby, comforting look while providing a sturdy base on which to place furniture. If you can’t afford this then simply choose a heavy weave rug to use as a centre piece.


When it comes to furniture you should go for slightly darker wood colours, so a charcoal grey or a brown will look best. If you can find furniture with a worn-look finish or dark bronze fittings this will add to the feel. Likewise, any wall furnishings can be darker, so clocks, artwork and your doors can add to the overall palette of the room. If you’re feeling zesty and want a little more vibrancy to your room, then try adding a dash of colours in lemon yellow or lime green. Small cushions, bits of artwork or even a vase of flowers will draw the eye in but won’t overrun the feel of the room. Depending on what secondary colour you are going for you can liven up the room with any sofa, bed or linen pieces. Light blues and pale custard colours go well with the country style backdrop to give it a modern living feel.


As you’ve seen, colours are important when it comes to this design so ensure you choose 3-4 colours which all work well together and pick which ones you will use the most. The biggest use of colour should come from neutral browns, creams and greys to create the backdrop of your design, smaller additions of colours through soft furnishings and ornamental pieces can keep the room from looking too dull. One consideration to bear in mind with this design is that normal uPVC windows might ruin the look. If you’re planning a complete overhaul it’s worth considering wooden windows, this can help match up to your furniture and provide the ultimate country style you seek.

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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Frosted-Glass Pantry Doors- obscure what’s inside so the pantry doesn’t have to be kept tidy. Plus, the doors add a light and bright element to the kitchen.

D.I.Y remodeling ideas

Frame those boring mirrors with wood and corner blocks. Inexpensive and easy with a hot glue gun.

Shelves over couch with pictures. Love the set up. Perfect for the apartment.

Make use of wasted space underneath the bathtub by installing tilting storage cubbies

Using Old Windows

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Choosing Bathroom Furniture with Useful Storage

There are ways to increase the storage space without making the room look cluttered or unattractive. Many different types of bathroom furniture can add to the bathroom appearance and even enhance it while adding the needed space.

Depending on the décor of the bathroom, the budget for the bathroom, and available space, there are many options for selecting furniture for the bathroom.

There are different types of furniture for the bathroom. Some examples are wall-mounted cabinets, floor cabinets, stands behind the toilet, and shelving on the walls.

Some of the furniture requires assembly.The cabinets are usually assembled and ready for installation as are the floor cabinets and shelves. The stands usually need minimum assembly with a screwdriver. The ease of adding furniture to the bathroom is simple for many people.That is what makes it so appealing.

Bathroom furniture adds additional storage space for the smaller rooms that have inadequate space. It also can add to the style of the room and create a new look too. The use of the furniture is completely up to the individuals and their needs as to how the furniture is used.

Furniture is available in wood, plastic, and metal. These options of different materials can be exactly a match to the current décor so adding the furniture will not create an unpleasant sight for the room. They also come in different finishes.

The wood has different colours of wood grain. The plastic has different colours, and some are available that can be painted to create a more custom addition. The metal items have different finishes such as brass, chrome, and white.

With the different styles, materials, and finishes, all the furniture can be added with confidence of fitting into the current design in the bathroom.All the furniture has different added features that anyone can make good use of, which is one of the many reasons people decide to add the furniture.

For the person that decides to add furniture but does not like the store ready furniture, they have the options of having cabinetmaker design custom furniture for the bathroom. This costs more money, yet it is a sure way to get exactly the furniture desired for the room.

The specialized furniture will be unique to the customer and the bathroom. Depending on the maker of the furniture, the individuals will have a warranty for the replacement of the furniture. The warranty covers the furniture breaking, falling apart, and other important issues bathroom furniture may have due to the humidity of the bathroom. If having custom furniture made, ask about the type of warranty provided. Make sure the warranty will cover damage from humidity.

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Coordinating floor lamps with different lighting devices

Light fixtures are one thing that many people seem to have forgotten or left out of the world of lighting and home décor.

People have, for some reason, left out the idea of spending a lot of cash on some lighting fixtures. To some extent, this is justifiable; times are tough, and most people see such matters as minor aspects of their home decorating. After all, lights are just to provide light, right? Well, lighting fixtures such as ceiling and floor lighting are actually ideal for adding the best and finest touches to the décor of a room.

The ideal finishing touch that is brought about by these lighting fixtures is what makes the room stand out. The type of lighting fixtures you install will help to define who you are and how far your imagination can go.

The term lighting fixtures encompasses so much more that just lights. First, there are floor lights.

These are lights that are meant to serve as multipurpose functional devices. They are set up to serve as either decoration master pieces in a room, or they’re used to provide light in a particular space within the room. You’ll be surprised at how little emphasis or attention gets focused on a table or other piece of furniture without some sort of lighting devoted to it.

The right lamp seems to bring out the perfect touch to the table or work space. Yet, the right floor lamp must not only add the best highlight to the décor of the room, but also be appealing to the owner of the house. The floor lamp should also meet the functional conditions that it’s intended for, it should be one that helps you to do your work and/or recreation in the best way possible.

The shade of the lamp is one important aspect of a floor lamp.

There are a lot of options available to you when it comes to selecting the ideal shade for your lamp. The lamp may have a cloth shade that can have an array of different colours that will brighten up your space from the light. The floor lamp must have an opaque colour shade; this will help to mute the light coming from the bulb, and diffuse it throughout the room.

This will not only give a softness to the light, but provide you with enough illumination to do those important tasks that you need and want to do.

The lamp shades for the floor lights can also be manipulated in such a manner so as to help bring out the best touches in your home décor. There are as many different types of lamp shades in the stores today as there are lamps. If you really want a good lamp, try to coordinate the shade with the base; this way the lamp will also be a true artistic feature to your room, and bring out the finest touches to the light fixtures.

Often times, a nice wooden base goes best with an “earth tone” shade, whereas a modern looking metal or plastic base is better complimented by a flashy or colourful shade.

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Installing track lights for your home

Installing track lights in your home is very easy, provided you follow all the steps required.

One should always note that an important part of home décor is the lighting. The main important uses of the lights are to provide lighting for the many tasks that are carried out in the home. This includes reading, cooking, writing, arts and crafts, and so on.
The accent lighting is generally lighting used in the decoration. The lighting is usually meant to draw someone’s attention to something in the room the moment he or she walks in.

Track lighting is one of the most common lighting options and is regarded as multipurpose lighting. The lights can provide enough light to illuminate the whole room.

When you need lighting for your work, you can still make use of the track lights. All you need to do is position the lights in such a way that they face where you are working. Track lights are very easy to install, you need not be a qualified electrician in order to get them in and looking great; anyone can install them.

The track is a very important aspect of the light’s versatility.

There is a connector unit that is responsible for connecting the ceiling electrical unit to the track, and thereby allows electricity to flow to the tracks. You can mount the tracks high up on the wall or ceiling, and later direct the lights to the points of your choice. In this manner, the lights will illuminate certain areas of the walls and ceiling.

The individual track lights also come in a wide variety of styles, so you can select just the right ones to create the proper mood in the room.

If you want to install track lights in your home, you need to buy a track lighting tool kit. There are various kits that you can get, but most of them contain light fixtures, mounting brackets and covers, a track, and the live end. You will also need the following things to install the track lights: a ladder, at least one screw driver (standard or Phillip’s), toggle bolts, 1-1/2″ flat-head wood screws, a circuit tester, an electric drill, a pair of long-nosed pliers, and a dimmer switch.

Before installing the lights, you must make sure that power is off because this can prove to be fatal.

When the wires are safe you can now remove the old mounting brackets and begin the installation of the new ones. You now must match the wires on the new brackets with the existing ones of the home wiring system. Twist the wires of the same colour together at their ends, and then cover with their caps.

Once the brackets are secured with their screws, you can then install the tracks with their bolts, and then place the lighting fixtures on the tracks.

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Small Touches that make Bathroom look great

Bathrooms are the easiest room in the home to decorate since they are generally the smallest room in the home.

Just because it is a smaller room does not mean the decorating is not as important. The bathroom can be decorated with plenty of beautiful things and ideas. It can be a delightful experience for the person who wants to create a pleasant bathroom.

Decorating the bathroom can consist of adding figurines, adding decorative borders, adding pictures, wall hangings and even adding new trash baskets and sink items.

The ability to change the bathroom can also include adding new curtains and a new shower curtain. Simple things will make a big difference.

Decorating does not have to be complicated. Do small things to change the look or enhance the current look.

Depending on the desired look, different steps can be taken to make the bathroom a more pleasant place. Add designer hand towels as accents. Add things to accent the décor.

The things can be found at any retail store. There are plenty different options to choose from so the chance of finding the perfect added touch is endless.

There are magazines that have different decorating ideas.

Buy a magazine if you do not know exactly what to do to the bathroom. The magazines will offer more options for the bathrooms and they have many new ideas for every size of bathroom.

The ideas range from completely changing the bathroom to adding accents and enhancing the current décor. With the numerous ideas on decorating the bathroom, there is a theme or style for everyone.

The changes will not be expensive just beautiful. The ideas will make subtle changes for the room that everyone uses. Make the changes and make a great impression on the people in your life.

Show off the new bathroom with pride and confidence.

The internet has websites dedicated to decorating rooms of the home. The bathroom is one of most popular rooms to decorate. Visit the websites and find new ideas. Use the information on the website and apply it to the bathroom. Experience the new bathroom and enjoy taking the time to make the changes. Creating a new look for the bathroom will mean a lot to you once you have finished the project. You will be proud to know you did it yourself. You will be happy you did. To see the new bathroom décor will mean you now have the abilities to do more decorating in the future. You will have more confidence once you have decorated the bathroom for the first time.

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