Fixed Fee Estate Agents

No Commission Low Fixed Fee Estate Agents regardless of selling price

We at No Agent didn’t think the day would come where we would be recommending or suggesting mandating an Estate Agent to sell your property. It was our view for 14 years that you can do the job just as well, if not better than an Estate Agent. After all, no one knows your property better than you do.

In hindsight we have probably been a bit dogmatic about it, trying to fight a cause and swim upstream. While we still stand firm in our belief that it is in most instances your best option, recent changes in the local market have seen a host of online estate agents entering the market. Commission levels have lowered, and the larger more established brands have started to lose market share, albeit at a gradual rate.

Online estate agents are a new style of agent. Rather than operating from shopping centres, trendy places or upmarket offices, they have an online presence only. This means they have lower overheads and can therefore provide their service at a reduced cost. Online agents can provide most of the services of ‘traditional’ estate agents – including valuing, listing and marketing your property. In most instances the only real difference is they do not host viewings for potential buyers.

Unfortunately, with any new trend there are always a few ‘chancers’ or ‘fly by nights’ type of operators that spoil things for both the consumers (buyers and sellers) and the industry.

We at No Agent believe that we are well positioned to be the ‘go between’ by recommending Estate Agencies based upon our due diligence and network within the industry. Furthermore, in our position as the authority of the ‘For Sale By Owner’ market in South Africa we are able to work in conjunction with these Agencies whereby you can still explore all avenues and not commit to any pushy Agent.

We have managed to negotiate an unbeatable sustainable fixed fee commission structure with the Estate Agents we are recommending. One of the most important components is that you are not required to sign a sole mandate. We strongly suggest that you do not sign a sole mandate with any Estate Agency.

No Agent is a business that needs to generate income and the Estate Agents that we recommend, and who agree to the pricing structure as stipulated, do pay us a fee to receive these leads. No Agent is continually in negotiations with new prospective Estate Agents to extend our variety and footprint of Estate Agents.