How to create a light-filled home

Increasing the lighting in your home is beneficial in many ways; research conducted by Harvard Medical School has shown that increased exposure to natural lighting has a whole host of health benefits, including improved mood and concentration, a reduced need for pain medication and a quicker healing time from injuries. Increasing the lighting in your home can also reduce your energy bills as the need for artificial lighting reduces.

Adding windows is the easiest way to flood your home in natural lighting. When planning the positioning of your windows, try to locate them on the south side of your property, as that is the side that will receive the most lighting. To ensure that you get the most amount of light into your home, look for a bespoke window service to have different sized windows placed at intervals in your home that standard window sizes may not be suitable for.


To brighten up attic space or sloping roofs in other rooms, a skylight can be a great addition to your property. Skylights allow more light into your rooms for prolonged periods as they are positioned directly under the light source. Skylights are also a great way to add lighting to rooms that are central in the house and have no outside walls to install windows in.

Dormer conversions

Dormer conversions can help increase the lighting in your home by, firstly, opening out the roofing of your home to increase head space, making the room feeling airier and, secondly, by the added installation of a dormer window. These windows are added onto the extension, transforming your sloping roof into an added vertical space and a vertical window.

Glass extensions

Adding an extension onto your home is a great way to increase the space and value of your property. If you choose to construct your extension out of glass, this will dramatically increase the natural lighting inside your property and make your home look much more contemporary. To really increase the benefits of this structure, you can add rooflights to ensure that this room is receiving the maximum lighting. A structure like this will also benefit you financially; glass is an excellent insulator, meaning that your home will be able to retain much more of its heat.

Artificial lighting

Unfortunately, natural lighting is only available through the day time, which means that the installation of artificial lighting is necessary in your home. To emulate the effects of natural lighting in your home, replace single light bulb fixtures with area lighting and LED lights for a much more diffused and natural appearance.