Installing track lights for your home

Installing track lights in your home is very easy, provided you follow all the steps required.

One should always note that an important part of home décor is the lighting. The main important uses of the lights are to provide lighting for the many tasks that are carried out in the home. This includes reading, cooking, writing, arts and crafts, and so on.
The accent lighting is generally lighting used in the decoration. The lighting is usually meant to draw someone’s attention to something in the room the moment he or she walks in.

Track lighting is one of the most common lighting options and is regarded as multipurpose lighting. The lights can provide enough light to illuminate the whole room.

When you need lighting for your work, you can still make use of the track lights. All you need to do is position the lights in such a way that they face where you are working. Track lights are very easy to install, you need not be a qualified electrician in order to get them in and looking great; anyone can install them.

The track is a very important aspect of the light’s versatility.

There is a connector unit that is responsible for connecting the ceiling electrical unit to the track, and thereby allows electricity to flow to the tracks. You can mount the tracks high up on the wall or ceiling, and later direct the lights to the points of your choice. In this manner, the lights will illuminate certain areas of the walls and ceiling.

The individual track lights also come in a wide variety of styles, so you can select just the right ones to create the proper mood in the room.

If you want to install track lights in your home, you need to buy a track lighting tool kit. There are various kits that you can get, but most of them contain light fixtures, mounting brackets and covers, a track, and the live end. You will also need the following things to install the track lights: a ladder, at least one screw driver (standard or Phillip’s), toggle bolts, 1-1/2″ flat-head wood screws, a circuit tester, an electric drill, a pair of long-nosed pliers, and a dimmer switch.

Before installing the lights, you must make sure that power is off because this can prove to be fatal.

When the wires are safe you can now remove the old mounting brackets and begin the installation of the new ones. You now must match the wires on the new brackets with the existing ones of the home wiring system. Twist the wires of the same colour together at their ends, and then cover with their caps.

Once the brackets are secured with their screws, you can then install the tracks with their bolts, and then place the lighting fixtures on the tracks.