Keeping Your Home Cool In Summer

Summer weather is both unpredictable and ever changing, while we’ve seen some warm weather we’ve also seen quite a bit of rain. Despite the fickle nature of the weather it can be undeniably humid at times, bringing muggy and sticky temperatures into the home – something no one enjoys.

It’s worse still if you have to put up with your home turning into a greenhouse during summer. Direct sunlight can cause homes to spike in temperature and this can result in health issues for the elderly and the very young, so it’s important that you keep your home as cool as possible. To aid you in your efforts this summer we’ve got just a few tips to help you out.

Close Your Blinds

Think about it, your windows are made of glass, so when the sun shines on your home on a nice day it essentially acts like a greenhouse. With homes becoming better insulated for the winter it means there are fewer ways for heat to escape in summer. Closing your blinds will prevent direct sunlight from warming rooms up to unbearable temperatures. If you don’t have blinds or you simply don’t want to block out all the sun then try installing slatted wooden shutters for your home.

Grill Your Food

It’s not as if we need more of an excuse to get the braai out at the first sight of the sun but just in case you did here it is: grilling food produces less heat than your oven or stove. Getting some much needed sun outside is better than trying to cook a full roast dinner in the sweltering temperatures. By doing this you remove the heat from your home and reduce the overall temperature for when you do go back inside.

Crack The Windows At Night

While opening your windows in the daytime will be of no help, you can make the most of the cool nights by cracking your windows open when the sun goes down. You’ll hopefully sleep better if your bedroom is at a better temperature, just make sure you only open them at a crack as leaving windows wide open might make you vulnerable to thieves.

Cool Your Body Down

Whilst cooling the house down will help everyone, cooling your own body down will make you more comfortable on a personal level. There are several things you can do, including taking a cold shower, running your wrists under cold water and using cold flannels on your forehead when your lie down or sit in a reclining position.

Install Air Conditioning

The most obvious tip of all for cooling your home is to have air conditioning installed. While it might seem excessive to have this done when we only get a month or so of hot weather, it can also been seen as an investment for winter if it has a heating option. The harmful HCFC’s which used to be in refrigerants have now been made illegal, so you can put aside your worries about the environment too.