Kitchen renovating ideas

The horror stories that most of us have heard about kitchen renovating projects that have gone terribly wrong could frighten even the most intrepid DIY enthusiast. If these stories strike terror in your heart and make you think twice about taking on a major kitchen overhaul, we hate to see you live in fear but maybe it’s a good thing to approach this kind of project with some caution. To expand your kitchen or take on renovating goals that call for a virtual upheaval of the kitchen can turn into a cost nightmare. It can be done but the best approach is to work with a very qualified contractor that comes highly recommended and who you don’t mind paying a lot of money to.

There are some very simple things you can do to give your kitchen a new look that will make people go “Wow” and that you can do yourself with a low potential of failure.

First, don’t be afraid of the paintbrush. If the trim or the cabinets of your kitchen are nicked up and looking dingy, you can sand and paint your kitchen in a couple weekends. By being bold with your choice of colours, you can literally give your kitchen a completely new look with a few gallons of paint and a few weekends of work. You can take a kitchen that is nothing if not boring and transform it by painting the cabinets a pastel blue and the trim a contrasting colour like red or yellow. The effect will be amazing so much so that people will think you literally overhauled the kitchen after just a couple coats of paint.

Another very easy way to change out the look of your kitchen is to replace all your counter top appliances with the same model and style of appliances. Imagine if the coffee pot, the blender, the toaster oven and the microwave were all the same sleek black design. That look set on top of your newly painted counters can really make your guests gasp with appreciation.

Wallpaper or wall applications are also ways to add a lot of life and fun to your kitchen. A kitchen is a happy place so what if you put up wall decorations of clowns and balloons. You can then accent that new décor with calendars, tablecloths and other decorative items that you often use in your kitchen. By tying all these things together, you can create a new look almost every weekend and turn your kitchen into a lively and fun place. By banishing boredom from your kitchen, you will have a lot of fun with some simple ideas like these that allow you to dramatically change the look of that important room with low risk and low cost as well. That is a renovating project any of us can take on.