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Property in Kimberley situated in the Northern Cape province of South Africa

Property in South Africa > Property in Northern Cape > Property in Kimberley

Buy property in Kimberley, a prospecting city famous for its quality diamonds, the largest man-made excavation in the world and impressive variety of tourists attractions. Kimberley is approximately 485 kilometers from Johannesburg on the road to Cape Town. It is the capital city of the Northern Cape and surrounded by five of South Africa's big rivers. Kimberley receives an average of 9.4 hours of sunshine per day throughout the year and an annual rainfall of about 450 mm. Kimberley is situated almost in the centre of South Africa, lying halfway between Cape Town and Johannesburg.

One of the most romantic and exciting periods in South African history began near the town of Kimberley. In 1871, a cook named Damon was the first to discover three diamonds that lay beneath a small hill known as the "Colesberg koppie."  Without his enthusiastic digging Kimberley may never even have existed.  This turned out to be the tip of an iceberg of precious stones which within a few years led to the biggest man-made hole in the world. Today the "Big Hole", as the mine is known, together with the restored diamond town, forms the Kimberley Mine Museum.

Kimberley has much to offer the visiting tourist. Excellent museums portraying early life on the diamond fields, military history from the Anglo-Boer War, mining museums and tours, Pioneers of Aviation Museum & Art museums. The city of Kimberley also offers modern-day activities such as cricket, tennis, bowls, squash, golf and a wide range of shopping facilities. Surrounding Kimberley are many memorials and sites of some important battles of the Anglo-Boer war, most notably the Siege of Kimberley in 1899 with the famous "Long Cecil" on display, and the battlefield site of Magersfontein where Boer General used trench warfare for the first time.

At No Agent you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Kimberley including houses, flats, townhouses, offices and commercial properties in Kimberley.

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