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31July 2008 - Commercial property still a good bet
28 July 2008 - Turning point in property market is close
21 July 2008 - Buyers turn to existing property
27 July 2008 - 4 to 5 Months to Sell Upmarket Property in South Africa
15 July 2008 - Investing in residential property
10 July 2008 - Low-cost housing under threat
7 June 2008 - South African property price drop may not be as big as feared

6 June 2008 - South African property price decline is fastest in 11 years
5 June 2008 - Pace of South African property price growth slowed further in May
12 May 2008 - Homes to fold on rates pressure
9 May 2008 - Right residential stock has buyers
8 May 2008 - House price growth at an 8½-year low
30 April 2008 - South African Property Sellers Get Real
25 April 2008 - First-time property buyers must beware the hype
21 April 2008 - Consistent property sales in Sandton suburb
17 April 2008 - Huge potential in African property
21 April 2008 - South African rural property in demand
15 April 2008 - South Africa's black middle class enlivens property industry
8 April 2008 - Are property prices really falling?
31 March 2008 - South African property returns up in 2007
27 March 2008 - Property Demand in South Africa to Grow
Selling your property privately
6 March 2008 - Downward trend in property price growth continues
4 March 2008 - Property prices in South Africa continue to stagnate
27 Feb 2008 - Property in South Africa Taking Longer To Sell
11 Feb 2008 - South African show-house visitors dwindle
6 Feb 2008 - Slowdown in property price growth accelerating amidst power cuts
22 January 2008 - South African property market 'to take a pause in 2008'
22 January 2008 - Power cuts good for property?
10 January 2008 - House price growth at its lowest level in 7 years
29 October 2007 - South African property market shows life
11 October 2007 - Property market to show effect of higher interest rates
10 October 2007 - 'Cheap' property in South Africa proving irresistible to holidaymakers
10 Octobet 2007 - Construction industry bears the brunt of food price inflation
4 October 2007 - Downward trend in property price growth continues
10 September - Johanesburg’s new gold belt
5 September 2007 - Developers to bend the knee to middle and low-income buyers
Homeowners spend less on renovations
Subdivision of property in South Africa
Cluster Homes Property in South Africa
Buying Property in South Africa Off Plan
Types of South African Property
Guide to Buying Property in South Africa for Non-Residents
Guide to Property Investment in South Africa
Reasons to Invest in South African Property
Costs Involved In Selling Your Property in South Africa
Should You Rent Property or Buy Property in South Africa
Tips To Help You Sell Your Property
Reasons For Your Property Not Selling
Running a Show House When Selling Your Property Privately in South Africa
Selling Your Property Before Buying a New Property
How to Buy a Property in South Africa at a Bargain

Articles About Home Loans in South Africa

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29 July 2008 - Growth in mortgage advances slowing down further
23 July 2008 - Banks tighten screw on risky bond clients
1 July 2008 - Rate hikes cut into new loans
30 June 2008 - Lowest mortgage advances growth since late 2004
19 May 2008 - Low earners bank on R47bn in home loans
30 April 2008 - Growth in mortgage advances moving sideways in March
24 April 2008 - Longer home loan repayments now popular
2 April 2008 - Mortgage advances growth slowing down further
29 February 2008 - Mortgage advances growth virtually stable since end-2007
19 October 2007 - First-time borrowers hit the hardest 
26 September 2007 - Mature homeowners can unlock property value
25 September 2007 - Mortgage originators saving South African consumers R30bn annually
Reasons why your home loan application may be rejected
Tips on obtaining a South African home loan
South African Home Loan Terminology
Increasing the Payments on Your Home Loan
Calculating The Affordability of Your Home Loan
Applying For a Home Loan in South Africa
Common Questions Asked Regarding Home Loans in South Africa
Advantages of Using a Mortgage Originator to Help You Secure a Home Loan
Advice on Choosing a Type of Home Loan in South Africa
Expsenses to Consider When Buying a Home in South Africa
How to get Pre-Approval for a Home Loan in South Africa
South African home loan affordability calculator
Home loan refinance calculator

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