Renovating the master bedroom

It’s a great idea to prioritise the renovation of a bedroom. Its probably the most fun renovation. That is because unlike remodelling the kitchen, the guest or kids’ bedrooms or the rooms where you entertain guests, remodelling the master bedroom is all about mom and dad and what they want. You can indulge yourself in what you plan into your dream bedroom. If you have the space and/or the budget, you can let your dreams go wild in what you include in your bedroom upgrade.

Because the heart of the bedroom is the bed, this is a great starting point. If you have a simple king or double bed, it might be time to give yourself the luxury of a very large and expensive bed with a beautiful headboard and even a canopy if that is part of the dream. Of course, if the room will not accommodate that size of a bed, that might call for annexing another room and doubling the size of the bedroom. This is a wonderful albeit dramatic remodelling step for a couple in those “empty nest” years when you can knock down a wall, turn the kids’ room into part of the bedroom and change your ordinary bedroom into a luxury suite for the king and queen of the household.

Once you are happy with the bed accommodations, perhaps the next stop will be the entertainment centre. That is because while one might think that a bedroom is all about sleeping, we all know it is about more than that. Many couples enjoy lying in bed and enjoying the luxury of a big screen TV to watch a movie on while snuggling down in the sheets. Where you put the cabinetry to hold that TV and perhaps the DVD player and stereo equipment as well is an important decision to make early on as you are planning your new luxury bedroom.

From the entertainment centre, move to the master bathroom. Putting in a Jacuzzi, a beautiful double sink area all designed with the emphasis on quality and beauty can really make your bedroom area begin to take on the feel of a high-quality hotel suite. From there, it just a matter of expanding your vision for the perfect bedroom to accommodate just about any dream you may have had for that special place. A walk-in closet with room to change clothes, sit and try on shoes and take your time with your wardrobe is a luxury you have coming after working so hard all your life. So, let your imagination have a field day in the design stage of your dream bedroom. It might take a while to afford all the luxury you want in that bedroom. And the best part is that it costs nothing to plan and dream.