Selling or Buying a property privately in South Africa

There is no mystery to selling your home on your own. Just do the right things and your home will sell!

Why Sell Your Home Privately

  1. Take more money to the bank!

The average home price in South Africa is now approximately R1 000 000. The average commission paid to sell a home through an estate agent is 7% + VAT = R80 500. You can save almost Eighty Thousand Rands (R80 000) by selling your home on your own using the No Agent marketing system.

  1. You know your home best.

Most estate agents do not properly describe the fine details of your home to a potential buyer. Many of them are only seeing your home for the first time when they bring a client. You are the most knowledgeable person to properly describe all the features and benefits, to ultimately sell your home.

  1. You are in complete control.

Viewings scheduled at your own convenience. No obligations to agents for a 3, 6, or 12-month contract. Negotiate with prospective buyers directly with no pressure from real estate agents.

  1. You can do it!

The real question is not “can you do it” but can you do it quickly and easily. Just sign up with No agent and you will get a complete package with everything you need to sell your home privately with easy step-by-step instructions to guide you every step of the way. It’s that simple!

  1. It’s Easy to do.

You do not need a n estate agents license, nor do you have to be an attorney or an accountant to sell your own home. What you do need is to do some of the work and be open to seeking expert guidance in areas where you don’t have expertise. Let No Agent give you the proper exposure and tools you need to sell your home privately, all at a price you can afford!

Buying a home privately can save you money, is convenient, and easy to do!

Why Buy Your Home Privately

  1. Save Money!

Sellers often inflate their prices to cover the cost of commissions to estate agents. These costs are passed on to you in the form of a higher price. Without the middleman you have more room to negotiate.

  1. Convenience!

Search for homes at your own leisure and schedule viewings online or by calling No Agent Private Sale. We book the appointments for you!

  1. Learn more about a potential home!

Learn about a home from someone who lives there rather than from an estate agent who may have never even seen the home before.

  1. It’s Easy to do.

Don’t let estate agents tell you that it is complicated. The fact is, that once you negotiate the deal, a property lawyer handles the most complicated part of the transaction. You or the buyer still pay a lawyer the costs associated with the sale, even if you are using an estate agent.