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Welcome to the property classifieds for serious sellers where Do-it-Yourself ads are FREE. No Agent does not take commission. No Agent is a property classifieds with more than a 1 000 000 browsers a months, over 32 000 buyers just waiting for hot properties and we are opposing estate agents. When you list, these registered buyers are automatically notified via email. New listings are quality checked (at least one pic is mandatory) to entertain these serious buyers. List now and your ad will be live tomorrow morning (Monday to Fridays).

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Step 1 – advertise your property

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Step 2 – put up a No Agent For Sale board
You would need to put up a For Sale board with your web reference (“NA12345”). Such a board will more than triple your changes to sell your property. When you list your property, you would be allocated a computer generated “NA12345” property reference number. Potential buyers will then access your contact details from your Internet listing.

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to download a For Sale board and take it to your local print shop. Print your “NA12345” number on the board and stick it to your gate (printing this number on the board is more professional and almost free).

Caution - some municipalities do not permit For Sale boards on lamp posts or even on the pavement. No Agent indemnifies itself from any fines due to misplacing these boards. Those boards have our logo on; please tread it with utter respect.

Step 3 – get ready to make the sale
Buyers will go on the No Agent website where they would get the price, contact details and an inside picture of your property.  Buyers would tender an offer to purchase or negotiate a price. Submit this offer to your attorney (conveyers) if you accept the offer. The lawyer will transfer and administer all the settlement monies.

How much should I sell my property for?
Well, the price is ultimately determined by the buyer and not by your neighbour, cousin or aunt. After you have interested the buyer, you two will negotiate a price or the buyer will tender an offer to purchase.

selling propertyAt Private Sale every listing or enquiry is dedicated to one of our team members. Your enquiry will be attended as soon as possible, if not the same day. Every Advertisement is individually administered and the team member’s core function is to connect buyers with sellers. Business hours are Monday to Fridays from 08h00 to 17h00.



Good luck and all the best

T&C apply. Private Sale No Agent is a property classifieds web page and not an agency. Prices may change without prior notice. Paid listings are valid for six months. You will not be able to edit your listing after it has been made public. Listings without at least one mandatory photograph may be rejected. The “N12345” property reference number must appear as the payment reference. Video productions and prices are subject to your demographics. Estate Agents are not allowed to contact private sellers for obtaining listings or mandates. Developers may and should advertise with Private Sale (no transfer cost). In good faith and without prejudice Private Sale No Agent reserves the right to the contact details.