Some more renovation ideas

Perhaps you have looked around your house as you thought about the future and realized that you need to do some renovating. It’s a good idea to give your home a good face lifts every ten years or so to bring it up to date and make it look snappy and new. It’s fun to do as a family project and when the renovation is done, you will be proud to bring in family and friends to entertain because your home will look wonderful again.

But before you begin to lay out what you want to do with your renovating budget, it’s a good idea to spend some time on getting ideas for what can be done and what is commonly being done in other homes in your community. This is especially important if you are going to do the renovating of your home to prepare it to go on the market for sale. It is worth spending a few thousand dollars fixing up your place, so it conforms to contemporary design and décor ideas so that when people come to look at your house with an eye for buying a new home, they will see a contemporary residence ready to be moved into.

So where do you go to get those up to date ideas for what to include in your renovating program? We already touched on one great source of ideas and that is what has been done in other homes in your community. By discussing with your spouse, the need to gather ideas for your upcoming renovating, both spouses can be mindful as you visit other people’s homes of how your contemporaries and neighbours have decorated their homes. This is not to say you want to copy them. But if you like how their bathrooms look or there are aspects of their kitchen décor that appeal to you, it is worth noting those design ideas and keeping them in your mind or you “ideas for renovating” notebook to incorporate their ideas into your new renovation plans.

It isn’t hard to find ideas by turning to the media. A few years ago, there was a TV show that took us into the homes of the Rich and Famous. And we have seen shows come and go that let us see the “cribs” of famous musicians or entertainers. While you probably don’t want the same bathroom that Julia Roberts has, and you won’t be copying Bono’s interior decorating ideas, these shows are good places to pick up general design ideas to put in your notebook for when you put together your own renovating plans.