The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is the hub of activity in most kitchens. It is a fixture shaped like a bowl or basin that you use for washing hands, utensils and food.

Sinks require faucets that can provide cold and hot water and a drain to get rid of the used water. The look you want to achieve, combined with choice of material is only the beginning of the decision-making process in selecting your ideal kitchen sink.

Recent trends show preference for the professional, traditional and country style in equal measure.

Styles and Materials

Among the most popular materials in kitchen sinks is stainless steel for its easy-to-clean property. If you have a tile or solid surface counter, it is easy to install under mount sinks for easy cleaning. The next best preferred material for kitchen sinks is solid surface as it is easy to customize, stain and scratch resistant. Solid surface sinks can be quickly under mounted or surface mounted and you can also make personalized designs that can be decorative or utilitarian.

There are porcelain kitchen sinks that are loved by most people, just for their looks. These are quite long lasting, and you can opt for one of cast iron. Colour choices are quite abundant. These can also be under mounted or surface mounted and come with a host of features.

Among the more cost-effective options are the enamel kitchen sinks. Less durable than other options, enamel comes in a variety of colours an also needs careful maintenance.

Soapstone is a recent development in kitchen sink material that is easy to look after and available in a range of colours. Those who like the antique look for their kitchens also often use copper and brass.

There are the heavy granite and fireclay sinks that are durable. You get kitchen sinks made of quartz resin composite materials that look exotic and are cost effective. Lightweight, yet durable, these are available in a several designs and suit many kitchen décors.

Ideas / designs

Kitchen sinks come in four different mounting designs. They are the drop in, under mount, apron, and tile in types. With drop in or top mount kitchen sinks, the sinks are dropped into a pre-cut hole in the counter top, with the edge of the sink resting on the counter.

Tile in mounting is used with tile counter tops. These sinks have a rectangular edge and the top of the sink is on level with the countertop. There is a line of grout here. These are relatively easy to clean, and you can wipe your countertop into the sink smoothly.

Under mounted kitchen sinks are where the countertop sits on top of the sink. So there is no rim or edge. The apron mount sinks are also called farmer’s sinks and are mostly found in country style kitchens. Here the sink is set into a countertop. You can see the front of the sink.

In terms of form, you would need to consider the size of the sink, the number of bowls, orientation of the bowl and tapings. Most kitchen sinks are about 22 by 30 inches in size with two bowls about eight inches deep.

You can also get larger sinks and you can select the appropriate size depending on the size of your countertops. There are single, double and triple bowl kitchen sinks available. Most people use the double bowl variety with an integrated drain board.

Bowls come as side by side or in a different orientation. While installing, you need to look at the position of the sink drains as well.


The built-in drain boards for kitchen sink designs are the most preferred and can be fitted onto all countertops. Kitchen sinks also come with a drinking water filter and these are often concealed in the kitchen faucet.

Under mount kitchen sinks are the most popular in kitchen sink mountings and this fits almost all kinds of kitchen décors. Most of these under mount sinks are with granite, concrete, stone and glass tile countertops.

Manufacturers / Brands

Among the well-known kitchen sink brands are Elkay, Kohler, Blanco, Kindred, Swanstone, Whitehaus and Moen. Elkay is known for stainless steel kitchen sinks, both commercial and residential. They make clip on sinks that are easy to install. Kohler and Moen are other leading manufacturers that make stylish kitchen counters.

Rating / Reviews

It is worthwhile to browse around and read the reviews and ratings of the different makes and types of kitchen sinks to help you decide on the one that will work best for you.