Tips on cleaning stained mirrors to improve your home for showing

Mirrors are not the easiest things to clean, even when they’re new and have only a little bit of grime build up. Streaks, finger marks, dust and fluff from everyday items seem to appear on mirrors from out of nowhere making them tricky to keep sparkling clean. Worse still is a mirror that is stained. Stains look unsightly and they reduce the effectiveness of the mirror’s practical use. On the other hand, a spotlessly clean mirror can do wonders for the aesthetics of the room, helping to reflect light and adding a sense of spaciousness. So it makes sense to address a stained mirror so you can totally enjoy the space you live in. Here are a few tips on how to clean mirrors that are stained.


You’ve probably heard many times before that vinegar is a great way to clean things around the home. Well it’s true. Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent and is one way to give mirrors a bright new shine. Using some screwed up newspaper dabbed in distilled vinegar, wipe your mirrors over and work hard on the stained areas. You will be pleased to see that the mirror comes up beautifully and, thanks to the newspaper, is free of paper fluff that is often left behind by paper towels.

Prevent Spots

You can avoid adding to your stained mirror problem by ensuring you spray cleaning solutions onto cloths or paper as opposed to directly onto the mirror. Inevitably, when mirrors are sprayed the solution will end up behind the glass and cause those unsightly black spots that you’ve no doubt seen on older mirrors. Simply spray the cleaning fluid onto your cloth and then wipe the mirror down.

Removing Gunk

If you have stains on your mirror that appear to have a sticky surface then give oil a try to remove the gunk. This type of build up can be the result of perfume sprays and other personal care products ending up on the mirror’s surface. Or perhaps someone thought it was a nice idea to place stickers on the mirror at some stage and now all that’s left behind is sticky goo. Never fear. Grab some olive oil or even baby oil and soak the problem areas with it. Avoid trying to scratch the goo away as you could very easily damage the surface of the mirror and that will be difficult to repair.

Furniture Polish

Stains from things such as crayons, pens and markers can be quite troublesome on mirrors, but it’s worth giving furniture polish a try. Add a little to a cloth and dab onto the damaged areas. By leaving the polish in place for at least a few minutes you will allow it to penetrate the stains. Wipe away to reveal a stain free mirror!

A clean mirror is the ideal accessory for any room within your home as it will add a feeling of spaciousness, calm and will also reflect light. A dowdy looking mirror will bring the opposite effect so it’s imperative that you keep your mirrors sparkling clean. Once you’ve removed the grime and stains from your mirrors commit to giving them a regular wipe down to keep them clean and shiny for everyone to enjoy.