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Property in Athlone, Cape Town situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa

Property in South Africa > Property in Western Cape > Property in Cape Town > Cape Town Southern Suburbs > Property in Athlone

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A suburb of Cape Town in the Western Cape province of South Africa, Athlone is located to the east of the Cape Town city centre and to the south of the N2 highway. Athlone is named after Alexander Cambridge, 1 st Earl of Athlone who was Governor-General of the Union of South Africa from 1924 to 1930.

Two of Athlone's main landmarks are Athlone Stadium and the coal burning Athlone Power Station. Athlone is mainly residential and is served by the Athlone railway station. There are a variety of smaller areas in Athlone including: Manenberg, Gatesville, Belgravia Estate, Bridgetown, Crawford, Hazendal.

Athlone is home to the Trojan Horse Memorial as well as the Robert Waterwitch / Colleen Williams Memorial which was commissioned by the ex-mayor of Cape Town, Nomaindia Mfeketo, to honour the memory of youths who died during the struggle against apartheid. There are over 100 schools in the greater Athlone area, including Alexander Sinton Secondary School.

At No Agent you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Athlone, Cape Town including houses, flats, townhouses, duplexes and vacant land properties in Athlone.

Sold Property in Athlone, Western Cape

Property Price Transfer Date Street No Street Name Mun Suburb Stand No Stand Size
R355,000 13/07/2005 20A CAPUCHIN ATHLONE 33441 238.0SQM
R160,000 24/06/2005 3 NORWOOD ATHLONE 166546 106.0SQM
R16,666 05/07/2005 6 TELFORD ATHLONE 38403 476.0SQM
R350,000 28/06/2005 104 LAWRENCE ATHLONE 33481 290.0SQM
R530,000 29/07/2005 14 ATHLONE ATHLONE 33136 498.0SQM
R700,000 04/08/2005 12 CONNINGSBY ATHLONE 33225 496.0SQM
R480,000 28/07/2005 11 ENFIELD ATHLONE 103751 240.0SQM
R120,000 25/07/2005 15 CAPUCHIN ATHLONE 33464 238.0SQM
R160,000 27/07/2005 30 THORNTON ATHLONE 34263 425.0SQM
R330,000 10/08/2005 4 LADY MAY ATHLONE 33216 258.0SQM
R450,000 31/08/2005 126 CHURCH ATHLONE 38496 337.0SQM
R480,000 13/09/2005 12 OXLEY ATHLONE 33861 238.0SQM
R420,000 09/09/2005 12 LOVEDALE ATHLONE 33611 238.0SQM
R4,410 01/09/2005 35 BAMFORD ATHLONE 38488 238.0SQM
R290,000 27/09/2005 54 CHURCH ATHLONE 33556 1190.0SQM
R300,000 28/09/2005 7 ARCTIC ATHLONE 38567 290.0SQM
R350,000 19/09/2005 5 GEORGE ATHLONE 32862 409.0SQM
R530,000 19/09/2005 23 NEWTON ATHLONE 33900 495.0SQM
R1,400,000 30/09/2005 11 ADEN ATHLONE 32888 1695.0SQM
R185,000 12/09/2005 3 DORMER ATHLONE 40469 446.0SQM
R45,000 30/09/2005 ATHLONE 160771 371.0SQM
R180,000 12/09/2005 1 NORWOOD ATHLONE 166547 200.0SQM
R2,800,000 21/10/2005 9 CHURCH ATHLONE 114084 1328.0SQM
R350,000 17/10/2005 24 DUNBAR ATHLONE 114953 237.0SQM
R128,000 25/10/2005 27 NEWTON ATHLONE 33898 495.0SQM
R400,000 11/10/2005 9 GIBSON ATHLONE 38450 421.0SQM
R1,500,000 11/10/2005 3 SECOND ATHLONE 41667 495.0SQM
R300,000 17/10/2005 33 RENFREW ATHLONE 33244 496.0SQM
R330,000 16/11/2005 83 LAWRENCE ATHLONE 33414 299.0SQM
R250,000 21/11/2005 8 RAGLAN ATHLONE 149705 415.0SQM
R300,000 21/11/2005 12 ARCHER ATHLONE 38469 238.0SQM
R120,000 16/11/2005 146 ELIZABETH ATHLONE 127224 212.0SQM

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