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Property in Beaufort West situated in the Garden Route and Karoo Region of the Western Cape, South Africa

Property in South Africa > Property in Western Cape > Property in Garden Route and Karoo Regions > Property in Beaufort West

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At No Agent you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Beaufort West, Western Cape including houses, flats, townhouses, offices, vacant land and commercial properties in Beaufort West.

Beaufort West lies south of a ridge of hills between two rivers, the Gamka and Kuils, and to the north the Nuweveld Mountains with  230-million years old rocks. With its municipality proclaimed in 1837, Beaufort West is the oldest and largest town in the Karoo region of the Western Cape province of South Africa.

The town was founded in 1818 and initially named Beaufort after Henry Somerset, 5th Duke of Beaufort, who was the father of Lord Charles Henry Somerset, then governor of the Cape Colony. The town was renamed Beaufort West in 1869.

Beaufort West is a typical "platteland" town with a rich, romantic history. The Bushmen once lived here and fine examples of their rock engravings can still be seen on farms and at nearby Nelspoort. Fine examples of the Beaufort West’s early architecture can be seen on a comfortable walk through its historic centre. These cover a mixture of flamboyant Victorian, elegant Georgian, serene Edwardian, Eclectic, Romanesque, Cape Dutch, Neo-Gothic, Neo-Classic and Contemporary styles. Examples of typical Karoo cottages still survive. Some of these buildings, the old Town Hall, the old Mission Church and the Barnard House, all now part of the museum, as well as Matoppo House and Clyde House, are national monuments.

The main street of Beaufort West was named in honour of Sir Rufane Donkin, who acted as Governor from 1820 to ’21. Sir Rufane, a true romantic, lost his wife while they were stationed in India. So devastated was he that he had his beloved Elizabeth’s hearth embalmed and he took it with him everywhere. When Sir Rufane died, Elizabeth’s heart was buried with him in England.

At its north endof Beaufort West is the local  jail, built in 1873, a building of considerable presence, executed in the heavy Neo-Classic manner of the mid-Victorian period. Nobody seems to know why it was built in the main street. Its first jailer, an African-American, was also jailed there for negligence on duty - but he escaped, never to be seen again.

Sold Property in Beaufort West, Western Cape

Property Price Transfer Date Street No Street Name Mun Suburb Stand No Stand Size
R6,451 04/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 7385 900.0SQM
R110,000 05/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 8376 411.0SQM
R110,000 05/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 8371 447.0SQM
R90,000 05/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 8363 460.0SQM
R110,000 05/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 8365 463.0SQM
R110,000 05/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 8367 457.0SQM
R140,000 05/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 8362 460.0SQM
R465,000 05/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 8352 458.0SQM
R5,379 11/01/2007 67 EBENEZER BEAUFORT WEST 3788 296.0SQM
R10,000 11/01/2007 67 EBENEZER BEAUFORT WEST 3788 296.0SQM
R5,573 15/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 7441 255.0SQM
R30,000 09/01/2007 57 HEUWEL BEAUFORT WEST 4612 273.0SQM
R310,000 09/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 8560 344.0SQM
R375,000 09/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 8568 233.0SQM
R269,600 09/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 8571 240.0SQM
R310,000 09/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 8573 266.0SQM
R10,497 11/01/2007 5 NGESI BEAUFORT WEST 75 392.0SQM
R7,743 11/01/2007 11 NGESI BEAUFORT WEST 79 422.0SQM
R7,743 11/01/2007 9 NGESI BEAUFORT WEST 80 401.0SQM
R7,743 11/01/2007 24 DLISO BEAUFORT WEST 88 288.0SQM
R10,158 11/01/2007 41 FALATSA BEAUFORT WEST 322 348.0SQM
R10,497 11/01/2007 15 STUURMAN BEAUFORT WEST 335 292.0SQM
R3,270 11/01/2007 4 NGESI BEAUFORT WEST 72 394.0SQM
R6,415 11/01/2007 117 MANDLENKOSI BEAUFORT WEST 111 283.0SQM
R6,415 11/01/2007 119 MANDLENKOSI BEAUFORT WEST 112 283.0SQM
R7,743 11/01/2007 22 KHIMBILI BEAUFORT WEST 188 375.0SQM
R3,248 11/01/2007 5 PHINYANA BEAUFORT WEST 136 355.0SQM
R5,084 11/01/2007 91A SALLIDON BEAUFORT WEST 3726 310.0SQM
R310,000 22/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 1451 598.0SQM
R11,715 02/02/2007 5 U BEAUFORT WEST 3011 198.0SQM
R350,000 26/01/2007 BEAUFORT WEST 5288 4000.0SQM
R212,000 30/01/2007 BIRD BEAUFORT WEST 5960 151.0SQM
R24,319 31/01/2007 2 ABRAHAMS BEAUFORT WEST 5540 503.0SQM
R22,591 31/01/2007 13 MATROOS BEAUFORT WEST 5559 328.0SQM
R22,591 31/01/2007 23 KOOPMAN BEAUFORT WEST 5618 326.0SQM
R22,591 31/01/2007 44 PHILLAND BEAUFORT WEST 5673 333.0SQM
R7,532 31/01/2007 6 ARNOLD BEAUFORT WEST 5792 488.0SQM
R7,532 31/01/2007 21 ARNOLD BEAUFORT WEST 5823 491.0SQM
R640,000 19/01/2007 16 DONKIN BEAUFORT WEST 391 395.0SQM

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