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Property in Clanwilliam situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa

Property in South Africa > Property in Western Cape > Property in Western Cape West Coast > Property in Clanwilliam

the town of Clanwilliam lies against a backdrop of the mighty Cederberg mountain range ±230 km from Cape Town and property in Clanwilliam is a worthwhile investment. It has lots to offer namely the beauty of the mountains, rock art, bird-watching, historical buildings, the scenic beauty of the flowers in "Flower Season", as well as water sports.

Clanwilliam is one of the oldest towns in South Africa. In 1732, the Voortrekkers, the first Dutch farmers, settled along the Olifants River and in 1820, the English administration of the Cape established a Magistrate's Court here. In the beginning, the settlement grew very slowly, and a fire in 1901 destroyed almost all of the houses. Clanwilliam remained largely undiscovered until the N7 from Cape Town to Namibia was built in the sixties. Now busloads of tourists, on their way north, stop to visit.

Today, Clanwilliam is a flourishing town and the centre of Rooibos tea production which grows exclusively in the sandy valleys of the Cedarberg. Wine and citrus is also grown here. The fertile soil could only be intensively used, after a dam was constructed at the lower Olifants River. Its water runs through a wide-spread canal system to the fields.

Each year during August and September, depending on the preceding winter's rainfall, the Clanwilliam area is transformed into a floral showcase. The area features a large variety of wild flowers. Ramskop Nature Reserve at the Clanwilliam Dam Resort boasts 250 indigenous species of wild flowers. Archeologists and paleontologists are becoming increasingly fascinated by the well-preserved fossils, recently discovered by researchers working in the Cederberg mountains. In the town and district there are several attractive historical buildings, a wealth of rock art and a profusion of birds.

At No Agent you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Clanwilliam including houses, flats, townhouses, offices and commercial properties in Clanwilliam.

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Sold Property in Clanwilliam, Western Cape

Property Price Transfer Date Street No Street Name Mun Suburb Stand No Stand Size
R299,000 28/06/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2845 353.0SQM
R347,000 01/06/2007 10 PRESIDENT BRAND CLANWILLIAM 2072 1308.0SQM
R250,000 24/05/2007 CLANWILLIAM 511 909.0SQM
R1,200,000 11/06/2007 CLANWILLIAM 694 1202.0SQM
R500,000 20/06/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2078 1493.0SQM
R450,000 19/06/2007 3 REV BROOK CLANWILLIAM 427 1354.0SQM
R1,150,000 09/07/2007 CLANWILLIAM 1992 1467.0SQM
R1,100,000 02/07/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2110 1300.0SQM
R263,000 10/07/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2763 613.0SQM
R1,100,000 25/07/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2192 2.5904H
R200,000 13/07/2007 CLANWILLIAM 428 3369.0SQM
R1,000,000 20/07/2007 13B FOSTER CLANWILLIAM 69 2807.0SQM
R750,000 01/08/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2311 2000.0SQM
R650,000 18/07/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2230 871.0SQM
R4,150,000 30/07/2007 CLANWILLIAM 1124 2689.0SQM
R4,150,000 30/07/2007 CLANWILLIAM 1124 2689.0SQM
R2,840,000 30/07/2007 CLANWILLIAM 1124 2689.0SQM
R1,475,000 02/08/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2004 1120.0SQM
R350,000 13/08/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2427 4370.0SQM
R200,000 23/08/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2244 883.0SQM
R420,000 12/09/2007 4 REV BROOK CLANWILLIAM 508 1113.0SQM
R450,000 12/09/2007 34 SHANNEN CLANWILLIAM 249 596.0SQM
R800,000 21/09/2007 FOSTER CLANWILLIAM 2771 1053.0SQM
R1,530,000 25/10/2007 2 REV BROOK CLANWILLIAM 510 1943.0SQM
R342,900 08/11/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2828 351.0SQM
R475,000 20/11/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2838 368.0SQM
R397,900 06/12/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2843 351.0SQM
R367,900 07/12/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2815 358.0SQM
R1,500,000 12/12/2007 CLANWILLIAM 211 595.0SQM
R1,800,000 12/12/2007 CLANWILLIAM 2255 6687.0SQM

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