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Property in Claremont, Cape Town situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa

Property in South Africa > Property in Western Cape > Property in Cape Town > Cape Town Southern Suburbs > Property in Claremont

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Claremont is a suburb of Cape Town situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Claremont is situated six miles south of Cape Town city centre. It is an important commercial and residential area, which is currently experiencing significant growth and development offering great property investment opportunity in Claremont.

After the Dutch established an outpost on the shore of Table Bay, they established a number of farms south of the outpost in 1657. The most southerly of those original farms, named Louwvliet and Questenburg, are today covered by Claremont and the adjoining suburb of Newlands. After the colony had been taken over by the British in 1814, the area gradually changed its character. British settlers and officials bought the farms, re-named some of them, and turned them into country residences. Weltevreden was subdivided in 1822, and a portion of it was renamed Claremont, a name later applied to the whole area.

Claremont grew during the 1840s and 1850s, and the opening of a railway from Cape Town to Wynberg in 1864 spurred subdivision and development. In 1882, a village management board was formed, and in 1886 it was replaced by the Municipality of Claremont. Claremont remained predominantly residential until the early 1970s, when commercial development began. A major shopping mall, named Cavendish Square, was opened in 1973, and other shopping centres followed. There was a further building boom in the 1990s, and Claremont is currently experiencing another, which includes the construction of three large apartment blocks, an hotel, two office blocks, the re-modeling of three other commercial buildings, and the construction of a transport interchange and a bypass road.

Claremont Main Road is regarded by many as the clubbing capital of the Cape Town Southern Suburbs. The road is dotted with clubs and bars and is a lively hotspot almost every night of the week. Bars on Clarement Main Road include Lizzards, Stones and Caps. Clubs on this road include Sobhar, Tin Roof, Town, Springboks and Tiger Tiger.

At No Agent you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Claremont, Cape Town including houses, flats, townhouses, duplexes and vacant land properties in Claremont.

Sold Property in Claremont, Western Cape

Property Price Transfer Date Street No Street Name Mun Suburb Stand No Stand Size
R1,000,000 14/11/2007 26 MEYER CLAREMONT 108297 363.0SQM
R2,200,000 15/11/2007 8 PRINCES CLAREMONT 53521 728.0SQM
R1,900,000 07/11/2007 25 ST DENNIS CLAREMONT 50967 496.0SQM
R3,950,000 15/11/2007 35 EDEN CLAREMONT 149229 542.0SQM
R1,850,000 31/10/2007 4 NANSEN CLAREMONT 52683 496.0SQM
R1,400,000 12/11/2007 8 ABBOTSFORD CLAREMONT 57669 199.0SQM
R2,400,000 19/11/2007 32 ST THOMAS CLAREMONT 50779 683.0SQM
R1,300,000 19/11/2007 7 HEREFORD CLAREMONT 172571 151.0SQM
R2,630,000 20/11/2007 29 COLUMBUS CLAREMONT 51130 726.0SQM
R913,000 21/11/2007 25 WESLEY CLAREMONT 57905 182.0SQM
R2,400,000 20/11/2007 2 STIGNANT CLAREMONT 136866 1048.0SQM
R1,700,000 20/11/2007 4 GARFIELD CLAREMONT 51404 626.0SQM
R1,650,000 20/11/2007 4 WYNDOVER CLAREMONT 51329 673.0SQM
R1,900,000 22/11/2007 10 ETHEL CLAREMONT 171082 498.0SQM
R2,100,000 22/11/2007 8 EDEN CLAREMONT 171083 563.0SQM
R1,750,000 22/11/2007 CLAREMONT 171081 448.0SQM
R1,175,000 26/11/2007 18 FAITH CLAREMONT 57656 351.0SQM
R2,000,000 26/11/2007 85 BELVEDERE CLAREMONT 51885 535.0SQM
R2,300,000 26/11/2007 24 ST THOMAS CLAREMONT 50831 631.0SQM
R1,375,000 23/11/2007 39 WASHINGTON CLAREMONT 57008 578.0SQM
R3,000,000 29/11/2007 6 FELDHAUSEN CLAREMONT 55774 397.0SQM
R1,950,000 30/11/2007 56 COOK CLAREMONT 51098 496.0SQM
R1,430,000 30/11/2007 10 LIVINGSTONE CLAREMONT 52648 277.0SQM
R1,500,000 03/12/2007 17 BUDDOCK CLAREMONT 58092 289.0SQM
R8,500,000 29/11/2007 24 GLOSSDERRY CLAREMONT 52681 2952.0SQM
R2,190,000 30/11/2007 25 STANLEY CLAREMONT 52912 450.0SQM
R1,180,000 03/12/2007 12A SURREY CLAREMONT 136519 225.0SQM
R1,320,000 03/12/2007 48 HARVEY CLAREMONT 58401 373.0SQM
R1,310,000 06/12/2007 33 SURREY CLAREMONT 53205 347.0SQM
R1,432,000 03/12/2007 CLAREMONT 50944 330.0SQM
R1,600,000 07/12/2007 14 LEE CLAREMONT 51895 536.0SQM
R1,350,000 10/12/2007 19 SANATORIUM CLAREMONT 57064 496.0SQM
R2,495,000 11/12/2007 CLAREMONT 166203 272.0SQM
R3,925,000 05/12/2007 5 SHIRLEY CLAREMONT 54950 506.0SQM
R3,575,000 11/12/2007 3 NEWLANDS CLAREMONT 55851 1003.0SQM
R2,775,000 13/12/2007 10 FELDHAUSEN CLAREMONT 55776 396.0SQM
R2,900,000 13/12/2007 10 EDEN CLAREMONT 55994 733.0SQM
R1,695,000 06/12/2007 71 QUEEN VICTORIA CLAREMONT 52542 459.0SQM
R1,925,000 13/12/2007 104 QUEEN VICTORIA CLAREMONT 52291 892.0SQM
R1,150,000 14/12/2007 6 TASMAN CLAREMONT 52577 496.0SQM

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