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Property in Constantia, Cape Town situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa

Property in South Africa > Property in Western Cape > Property in Cape Town > Cape Town Southern Suburbs > Property in Constantia

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Constantia is a suburb of Cape Town situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Constatntia lies in the Constantia Valley at the foot of a prominent mountain called Constantiaberg. Constantia is a very affluent suburb with large properties and beautiful houses and Constantia property prices have rocketed in recent years.

Constantia is situated in the Cape Peninsula region of the Western Cape, a few kilometres south of Table Mountain and the Cape Town City Bowl. Constantia is one of the oldest suburbs of Cape Town and is well known for its wine farms such as Groot Constantia, Klein Constantia, Simon van der Stel and Constantia Uitsig.

At No Agent you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Constantia, Cape Town including houses, flats, townhouses, duplexes and vacant land properties in Constantia.

Sold Property in Constantia, Western Cape

Property Price Transfer Date Street No Street Name Mun Suburb Stand No Stand Size
R2,850,000 18/07/2005 3 EUGENE MARAIS CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 2768 1684.0SQM
R5,600,000 29/07/2005 42 SPILHAUS CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 1 5865.0SQM
R6,650,000 22/09/2005 40 SPILHAUS CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 2 1.3620H
R3,000,000 12/10/2005 4 HOHENHORT CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 50 4241.0SQM
R8,000,000 29/11/2005 10 HOHENORT CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 46 4157.0SQM
R9,500,000 09/12/2005 10 KLAASSENS CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 9137 4001.0SQM
R7,300,000 03/01/2006 5 MONTROSE CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 89 1.1989H
R6,330,000 14/02/2006 31 HOHENORT CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 31 8890.0SQM
R6,500,000 06/02/2006 124 RATHFELDER CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 197 3375.0SQM
R5,000,000 20/01/2006 5 CHENE CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 2957 3998.0SQM
R5,000,000 20/01/2006 5 CHENE CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 2957 3998.0SQM
R6,000,000 13/03/2006 3 RIDGE CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 9142 5828.0SQM
R3,400,000 16/03/2006 11 VERSVELD CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 7670 1405.0SQM
R8,250,000 26/04/2006 ERF103 DUNTAW CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 10357 4001.0SQM
R6,500,000 31/05/2006 ERF228 BROMMERSVLEI CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 228 2505.0SQM
R6,885,000 08/06/2006 27 SPILHAUS CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 16 8094.0SQM
R8,000,000 21/06/2006 21 HOHENORT CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 11207 5145.0SQM
R6,000,000 17/07/2006 13 BORDEAUX CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 2942 4003.0SQM
R6,500,000 08/08/2006 124 RATHFELDER CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 197 3375.0SQM
R3,250,000 26/09/2006 8 VERSVELD CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 6170 1373.0SQM
R8,000,000 01/11/2006 45 PRICE CONSTANTIA 1083 6244.0SQM
R5,650,000 26/10/2006 12 MONTROSE CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 9138 4000.0SQM
R4,750,000 05/12/2006 30 LE SUEUR CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 212 1904.0SQM
R5,500,000 21/12/2006 8 WELGELEGEN CONSTANTIA 1166 4169.0SQM
R3,990,000 06/02/2007 4 EUGENE MARAIS CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 2767 1670.0SQM
R6,000,000 26/01/2007 14 BORDEAUX CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 2951 4003.0SQM
R4,400,000 08/02/2007 13 LE SUEUR CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 238 1724.0SQM
R9,300,000 05/04/2007 ERF113 HOHENHORT CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 11335 4001.0SQM
R6,000,000 25/04/2007 86 BROMMERSVLEI CONSTANTIA HEIGHTS 177 3993.0SQM
R7,250,000 23/04/2007 ERF303 KLEIN CONSTANTIA CONSTANTIA 3031 3999.0SQM
R8,750,000 15/05/2007 CONSTANTIA 13070 1091.0SQM
R4,300,000 30/05/2007 CONSTANTIA 13073 1034.0SQM
R5,500,000 13/09/2007 1 OU WINGERD CONSTANTIA 1180 4487.0SQM
R7,600,000 27/09/2007 12 OU WINGERD CONSTANTIA 1132 4035.0SQM
R7,775,000 21/12/2007 ERF110 CONSTANTIA CONSTANTIA 13064 1427.0SQM
R920,000 07/02/2000 14 CUMBERLAND CONSTANTIA VILLAGE 9221
R1,100,000 12/04/2000 1 PINEHURST CONSTANTIA VALE 2173 2436.0SQM
R1,820,000 05/06/2000 7 THATCHER CONSTANTIA VALE 2178 3726.0SQM
R1,025,000 07/06/2000 4 MARGARET CONSTANTIA VALE 2154 3798.0SQM
R2,130,000 01/06/2000 27 DUCKETT CONSTANTIA VALE 2151 4559.0SQM

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