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Property in Fish Hoek, Cape Town situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa

Property in South Africa > Property in Western Cape > Property in Cape Town > Cape Town Southern Suburbs > Property in Fish Hoek

Fish Hoek is a seaside resort with a wide range of property for sale and rent. Many of the properties in Fish Hoek nestle along the foot of the rugged Cape Peninsula mountains and other property high on the mountain slopes afford magnificent views across the whole of False Bay.

Fish Hoek is situated along the False Bay coast road that runs from Simon's Town. The long sandy beach of Fish hoek is one of the safest in Cape Town for bathing and body boarding. July to October is whale season in Fish Hoek and you can spot them just 50 metres from the shore together with schools of dolphins.

Property prices in Fish Hoek have shown strong growth lately and international investors have shown strong interest in the area. Fish Hoek boasts an excellent infrastructure with great schools, hospitals and shopping malls as well as a rail service linking Fish Hoek and the Cape Town city centre.

At No Agent you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Fish Hoek including houses, flats, townhouses, offices and commercial properties in Fish Hoek.

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Sold Property in Fish Hoek, Western Cape

Property Price Transfer Date Street No Street Name Mun Suburb Stand No Stand Size
R1,100,000 11/10/2007 32 DISA FISH HOEK 11615 496.0SQM
R630,000 12/10/2007 10 LANCELOT FISH HOEK 12108 498.0SQM
R960,000 18/10/2007 182 KOMMETJIE FISH HOEK 14121 613.0SQM
R2,100,000 16/10/2007 FISH HOEK 17119 503.0SQM
R852,000 31/10/2007 19 FIFTH FISH HOEK 10155 496.0SQM
R1,000,000 22/10/2007 1 THE CLOSE FISH HOEK 13858 340.0SQM
R950,000 25/10/2007 7 DISA FISH HOEK 11555 496.0SQM
R1,325,000 29/10/2007 FISH HOEK 17049 267.0SQM
R845,000 23/10/2007 FISH HOEK 16419 307.0SQM
R820,000 24/10/2007 33 DUNSTER FISH HOEK 10955 496.0SQM
R1,400,000 26/10/2007 6 SAUNDERS FISH HOEK 13505 620.0SQM
R2,900,000 25/10/2007 1 PEAK FISH HOEK 16211 560.0SQM
R2,900,000 25/10/2007 33 BERG FISH HOEK 16214 932.0SQM
R2,900,000 25/10/2007 35 MOUNTAIN FISH HOEK 16215 933.0SQM
R2,900,000 25/10/2007 3 PEAK FISH HOEK 17616 565.0SQM
R1,230,000 02/11/2007 5 FOURTH FISH HOEK 10227 496.0SQM
R1,900,000 07/11/2007 53 HIGH FISH HOEK 7417 743.0SQM
R1,295,000 13/11/2007 3 DRONGO FISH HOEK 16410 395.0SQM
R1,350,000 13/11/2007 87 UPPER RECREATION FISH HOEK 12116 732.0SQM
R930,000 01/11/2007 11 TENTH FISH HOEK 12346 496.0SQM
R1,900,000 13/11/2007 62 HIGH FISH HOEK 7689 595.0SQM
R3,350,000 31/10/2007 35 HIGH FISH HOEK 7289 748.0SQM
R960,000 13/11/2007 183 KOMMETJIE FISH HOEK 16314 610.0SQM
R1,300,000 31/10/2007 24 FIFTH FISH HOEK 16439 268.0SQM
R1,350,000 19/11/2007 70 EMERALD FISH HOEK 12958 496.0SQM
R1,795,000 21/11/2007 60 CARMICHAEL FISH HOEK 16797 578.0SQM
R1,090,000 13/11/2007 30 FIRST FISH HOEK 10973 495.0SQM
R1,850,000 22/11/2007 13 SEAVIEW FISH HOEK 13436 1538.0SQM
R1,300,000 26/11/2007 FISH HOEK 17048 288.0SQM
R2,700,000 21/11/2007 97 HIGH FISH HOEK 16751 731.0SQM
R2,550,000 03/12/2007 FISH HOEK 15554 595.0SQM
R1,550,000 07/12/2007 15 HERSCHEL FISH HOEK 8519 678.0SQM
R3,000,000 05/12/2007 90 HIGH FISH HOEK 7665 1043.0SQM
R845,000 10/12/2007 17 SUNRAY FISH HOEK 10873 495.0SQM
R1,200,000 04/12/2007 FISH HOEK 7224 793.0SQM
R850,000 12/12/2007 65 FIRST FISH HOEK 11266 496.0SQM
R1,250,000 18/12/2007 24 NINTH FISH HOEK 9902 496.0SQM
R840,000 12/12/2007 59 RANGER FISH HOEK 8245 496.0SQM
R1,170,000 12/12/2007 158 KOMMETJIE FISH HOEK 9188 830.0SQM
R1,200,000 20/12/2007 1 SUNRAY FISH HOEK 10831 495.0SQM

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