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Property in Gordons Bay situated in the Boland & Overberg Region of the Western Cape province of South Africa

Property in South Africa > Property in Western Cape > Property in Boland and Overberg Regions > Property in Gordons Bay

You can't go wrong when buying property in Gordons Bay. Tucked in the shadow of the Hottentots Holland Mountains Gordons Bay has a small harbour and is popular venue for angling and boating.

Gordons Bay is a picturesque coastal village, nestled at the foot of the Hot- tentots Holland Mountains and the False Bay Coast. Gordons Bay is ideally situated for a relaxing seaside holiday within forty minutes' drive to the bright lights of Cape Town and thirty minutes' to the main airport.

The high twisting coastal road leading from Gordon's Bay to Cape Hangklip is one of the most spectacular anywhere. The route offers magnificent views out to sea and across sweeping bays and from July to November you will undoubtedly see the awe-inspiring sight of gigantic whales splashing around.

The climate at Gordons Bay is typical of coastal towns with a winter rainfall and mild sea and air temperature throughout the year. The south easter or ``Cape Doctor" affords welcome relief from the heat in summer.

At No Agent you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Gordons Bay, Western Cape including houses, flats, townhouses, offices and commercial properties in Gordons Bay .

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Sold Property in Gordons Bay, Western Cape

Property Price Transfer Date Street No Street Name Mun Suburb Stand No Stand Size
R215,000 22/05/2007 GORDONS BAY 33208 181.0SQM
R385,000 22/05/2007 GORDONS BAY 33229 259.0SQM
R1,595,000 09/05/2007 GORDONS BAY 32561 185.0SQM
R850,000 04/05/2007 GORDONS BAY 352 549.0SQM
R690,000 29/05/2007 GORDONS BAY 25023 180.0SQM
R5,900,000 31/05/2007 GORDONS BAY 6343 1.5101H
R369,000 12/06/2007 GORDONS BAY 33216 264.0SQM
R550,000 15/06/2007 GORDONS BAY 24943 170.0SQM
R211,000 19/06/2007 GORDONS BAY 33207 181.0SQM
R253,000 19/06/2007 GORDONS BAY 33217 329.0SQM
R1,200,000 13/06/2007 12 MILLER GORDONS BAY 513 589.0SQM
R1,450,000 11/06/2007 GORDONS BAY 32548 223.0SQM
R690,000 29/05/2007 GORDONS BAY 25023 180.0SQM
R246,000 14/06/2007 GORDONS BAY 33206 232.0SQM
R377,500 29/06/2007 118 LANCASTER GORDONS BAY 1110 496.0SQM
R2,000,000 26/06/2007 26 FAURE GORDONS BAY 2073 620.0SQM
R223,000 21/06/2007 GORDONS BAY 33205 284.0SQM
R595,000 22/06/2007 GORDONS BAY 24961 180.0SQM
R605,000 28/06/2007 GORDONS BAY 25015 152.0SQM
R525,000 28/06/2007 GORDONS BAY 25038 172.0SQM
R940,000 02/07/2007 GORDONS BAY 32636 175.0SQM
R13,000,000 19/07/2007 GORDONS BAY 6339 1.7819H
R850,000 01/08/2007 5 LEMOENBOOM GORDONS BAY 2784 496.0SQM
R690,000 06/07/2007 GORDONS BAY 24990 180.0SQM
R2,000,000 30/07/2007 168 MILLER GORDONS BAY 1968 696.0SQM
R840,000 03/08/2007 6 LEMOENBOOM GORDONS BAY 1077 496.0SQM
R1,824,000 14/08/2007 33 WATT GORDONS BAY 408 793.0SQM
R950,000 16/08/2007 52 MILLER GORDONS BAY 1417 598.0SQM
R1,200,000 20/08/2007 9 ACACIA GORDONS BAY 975 496.0SQM
R930,000 15/08/2007 GORDONS BAY 32609 196.0SQM
R1,850,000 27/08/2007 33 CAYMEN BEACH GORDONS BAY 6037 292.0SQM
R325,000 12/09/2007 GORDONS BAY 33201 201.0SQM
R590,000 31/08/2007 GORDONS BAY 24937 268.0SQM
R8,000,000 05/09/2007 GORDONS BAY 6330 1.7191H
R309,000 05/09/2007 GORDONS BAY 33221 195.0SQM
R490,000 05/09/2007 GORDONS BAY 33214 373.0SQM
R480,000 11/09/2007 GORDONS BAY 33157 276.0SQM
R325,000 03/10/2007 GORDONS BAY 33233 256.0SQM
R1,030,000 27/09/2007 98 LANCASTER GORDONS BAY 1137 496.0SQM
R1,600,000 14/09/2007 2 GORDONIA GORDONS BAY 3046 440.0SQM

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