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Property in Mossel Bay situated in the Garden Route and Karoo Region of the Western Cape, South Africa

Property in South Africa > Property in Western Cape > Property in Garden Route and Karoo Regions > Property in Mossel Bay

Buy property in Mossel Bay to use as a holiday house or to rent out to holiday makers.

Halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth in the heart of the famous Garden Route lies Mossel Bay. This holiday town is a favourite holiday destination for local and international visitors. Mossel Bay has developed a powerful tradition of unhurried hospitality to complement the natural beauty and rich cultural history of South Africa's Garden Route. It is blessed with a mild climate all-year round but its most important feature is its status as the historical capital of the Garden Route.

The pace of life sets Mossel Bay apart form other towns in South Africa. Everything about the town seems to make you want to sit back and relax. Mossel Bay has a rich history and there are many museums in the town to visit including the Maritime Museum which focuses on sailing and ships of the early days of discovery. One of the popular attractions of Mossel Bay is the Post Office which is estimated to be more than 800 years old and has been declared a National Monument.

At No Agent you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Mossel Bay, Western Cape including houses, flats, townhouses, offices and commercial properties in Mossel Bay.

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Sold Property in Mossel Bay, Western Cape

  Property Price   Transfer Date Street No Street Name Mun Suburb Stand No   Stand Size
    R1,800,000   09/10/2007 MOSSEL BAY GOLF ESTATE 15227   720.0SQM
    R380,000   18/10/2007 5 NETTIE THATCHER MOSSEL BAY 4800   690.0SQM
    R1,530,000   19/10/2007 38 HEIDE MOSSEL BAY CENTRAL 15805   513.0SQM
    R9,120,000   02/11/2007 5 POINT MOSSEL BAY 15417   917.0SQM
    R380,000   06/11/2007 MOSSEL BAY 14142   920.0SQM
    R3,200,000   13/11/2007 2 KOMYNBOS MOSSEL BAY CENTRAL 16207   950.0SQM
    R650,000   09/11/2007 26 MC KINNERY MOSSEL BAY 4819   698.0SQM
    R1,850,000   01/11/2007 MOSSEL BAY GOLF ESTATE 16347   461.0SQM
    R710,000   01/11/2007 MOSSEL BAY GOLF ESTATE 15179   794.0SQM
    R1,200,000   13/11/2007 MOSSEL BAY 3428   473.0SQM
    R1,150,000   15/11/2007 5 SIXTEENTH MOSSEL BAY CENTRAL 3244   1509.0SQM
    R380,000   12/11/2007 2 HORISON MOSSEL BAY 14140   1047.0SQM
    R380,000   12/11/2007 4 HORISON MOSSEL BAY 14141   919.0SQM
    R2,050,000   16/11/2007 13 WILDEKAMFER MOSSEL BAY 15257   980.0SQM
    R980,000   21/11/2007 1 KRUISBESSIE MOSSEL BAY 15292   980.0SQM
    R940,000   21/11/2007 3 KLOOF MOSSEL BAY 3461   220.0SQM
    R1,950,000   07/12/2007 MOSSEL BAY GOLF ESTATE 16483   410.0SQM
    R1,940,000   22/11/2007 108 KLIPPER MOSSEL BAY 2763   370.0SQM
    R1,520,000   28/11/2007 MOSSEL BAY GOLF ESTATE 16350   422.0SQM
    R280,000   12/12/2007 69 BARRACUDA MOSSEL BAY 8491   300.0SQM
    R740,000   12/12/2007 3 BUCHU MOSSEL BAY 15308   980.0SQM
    R3,200,000   20/12/2007 MOSSEL BAY GOLF ESTATE 15044   818.0SQM
    R800,000   21/12/2007 MOSSEL BAY 16376   750.0SQM
    R1,600,000   21/12/2007 MOSSEL BAY 12698   310.0SQM
    R735,000   13/02/2008 1 EPSILON MOSSEL BAY 14105   615.0SQM
    R600,000   07/01/2008 MOSSEL BAY GOLF ESTATE 16494   904.0SQM
    R625,000   09/01/2008 MOSSEL BAY GOLF ESTATE 15178   653.0SQM
    R600,000   10/12/2007 16 KWARTEL MOSSEL BAY REMAINDER 12834   215.0SQM
    R350,000   07/02/2008 29 PILCHARD MOSSEL BAY 8664   313.0SQM
    R1,300,000   08/02/2008 MOSSEL BAY 2849   1023.0SQM
    R1,500,000   13/02/2008 MOSSEL BAY GOLF ESTATE 15040   667.0SQM
    R450,000   08/02/2008 44 NICOLAAI MOSSEL BAY 9129   375.0SQM
    R430,000   30/01/2008 6 HORISON MOSSEL BAY 14935   1081.0SQM
    R1,600,000   05/02/2008 110A TWENTY FIRST MOSSEL BAY CENTRAL 16126   1253.0SQM
    R1,150,000   06/02/2008 MOSSEL BAY CENTRAL 9271   460.0SQM
    R1,550,000   07/02/2008 MOSSEL BAY 16811   430.0SQM
    R880,000   11/02/2008 11 WALLACE MOSSEL BAY 15447   47.0SQM
    R1,500,000   25/01/2008 MOSSEL BAY 15415   365.0SQM
    R3,600,000   30/01/2008 MOSSEL BAY GOLF ESTATE 15754   678.0SQM
    R357,000   15/01/2008 3 EPSILON MOSSEL BAY 14104   610.0SQM

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