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Property in Observatory, Cape Town situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa

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Observatory is a suburb in Cape Town situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Observatory is bordered by Mowbray to the south, and Salt River to the north.

Observatory gets its name from the astronomical observatory situated in this Cape Town suburb of South Africa. Observatory is often described as one of the more bohemian suburbs in Cape Town with its Lower Main Road area containing a number of interesting pubs, restaurants and shops.

At No Agent you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Observatory, Cape Town including houses, flats, townhouses, duplexes and vacant land properties in Observatory.

Sold Property in Observatory, Western Cape

  Property Price   Transfer Date Street No Street Name Mun Suburb Stand No   Stand Size
    R950,000   19/11/2007 OBSERVATORY 30560   144.0SQM
    R550,000   19/11/2007 44 ROBINS OBSERVATORY 25618   166.0SQM
    R880,000   22/11/2007 5 DUKE OBSERVATORY 26662   159.0SQM
    R980,000   28/11/2007 23 COOK OBSERVATORY 25733   208.0SQM
    R1,950,000   29/11/2007 2 LONDON OBSERVATORY 27893   256.0SQM
    R1,185,000   03/12/2007 21 BOWDEN OBSERVATORY 27054   210.0SQM
    R1,260,000   29/11/2007 3 DISA OBSERVATORY 26759   242.0SQM
    R1,335,000   03/12/2007 15 LONDON OBSERVATORY 117967   321.0SQM
    R1,375,000   03/12/2007 27 TRILL OBSERVATORY 26972   308.0SQM
    R1,375,000   03/12/2007 OBSERVATORY 26973   112.0SQM
    R670,000   07/12/2007 65 SCOTT OBSERVATORY 25788   135.0SQM
    R720,000   10/12/2007 67 MILTON OBSERVATORY 26015   147.0SQM
    R910,000   11/12/2007 18 GORDON OBSERVATORY 26146   126.0SQM
    R1,200,000   12/12/2007 20 LOWER MAIN OBSERVATORY 27955   200.0SQM
    R1,200,000   20/12/2007 19 POLO OBSERVATORY 25675   260.0SQM
    R950,000   21/12/2007 6 STANLEY OBSERVATORY 25493   278.0SQM
    R725,000   21/12/2007 6 BISHOP OBSERVATORY 25957   95.0SQM
    R7,000,000   19/12/2007 3A HOWE OBSERVATORY 155095   1070.0SQM
    R7,000,000   19/12/2007 3 HOWE OBSERVATORY 155096   1026.0SQM
    R850,000   20/12/2007 5 CROWN OBSERVATORY 27683   169.0SQM
    R1,550,000   04/01/2008 8 PERTH OBSERVATORY 26516   310.0SQM
    R2,250,000   21/12/2007 24A WESLEY OBSERVATORY 26058   940.0SQM
    R1,225,000   21/12/2007 34 NUTTALL OBSERVATORY 27221   342.0SQM
    R707,500   08/01/2008 58 SCOTT OBSERVATORY 27887   186.0SQM
    R630,000   19/02/2008 236 LOWER MAIN OBSERVATORY 166500   112.0SQM
    R1,047,000   11/02/2008 29 BELLEVLIET OBSERVATORY 26577   182.0SQM
    R1,300,000   11/02/2008 7 DIXTON OBSERVATORY 28167   595.0SQM
    R830,000   05/02/2008 4 NORWICH OBSERVATORY 27044   180.0SQM
    R760,000   31/01/2008 2 CAMPBELL OBSERVATORY 25708   156.0SQM
    R835,000   05/02/2008 80 SCOTT OBSERVATORY 25769   223.0SQM
    R870,000   04/02/2008 50 OXFORD OBSERVATORY 27124   157.0SQM
    R365,000   18/01/2008 16 GRANT OBSERVATORY 25497   138.0SQM
    R900,000   28/01/2008 OBSERVATORY 30536   107.0SQM
    R1,050,000   25/01/2008 35 BOWDEN OBSERVATORY 27643   196.0SQM
    R1,525,000   30/01/2008 13 HOWE OBSERVATORY 26205   347.0SQM

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