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Property in Saldanha situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa

Property in South Africa > Property in Western Cape > Property in Western Cape West Coast > Property in Saldanha

The picturesque seaside village of Saldanha is situated at the northern corner of the largest natural bay in South Africa. This ideal location makes property in Saldanha a very lucrative business. Saldanha is known for it's contrasts and natural beauty and it lies between the Berg River mouth in the north and the West Coast National Park (Langebaan) in the south. It stretches inland to Hopefield with the Berg River in the northeast.

The name Saldanha originally applied to the present Table Bay, where Antonio de Saldanha, a Portuguese admiral anchored his fleet in 1503. Ironically he never saw the bay that was named after him, since by some navigational error, the name Saldanha was applied to its present position by Joris von Spilbergen. During the Second World War Saldanha was very important because of its strategic location and safe anchorage as a convoy assembly point. Today Saldanha has a huge iron ore quay and is home to a large variety of fishing vessels. 

Saldanha is also the location of the South African Military Academy as well as SAS SALDANHA, a naval training unit. Its ideal location makes it a paradise for the watersport enthusiast, and its local economy being strongly dependant on fishing, mussels, seafood processing, the steel industry and the harbour. The popular SAS Saldanha Nature Reserve offers a display of wildflowers during late winter and spring while Southern Right Whales also visit the safe waters in and around the nature reserve. Saldanha hosts many industries such as crayfish, fish, mussels, oysters, seaweed and many more.

Things to see in Saldanha include the French Huguenot Memorial, Doc's Cave, the Breakwater and Cummings Grave. The breakwater was built in 1976 and is 1,8 km long. It connects the main land with Marcus Island. There are also hiking trails for the nature lover at Oranjevlei and at the SAS Saldanha Naval Base.

There are numerous small fishing villages, holiday resorts and seaside towns in the Saldanha region. Whales can be seen during their migration and the cold Benquela Current provides visitors with a vast selection of seafood like mussels, crayfish and line fish. The region is also a bird watchers paradise.

At No Agent you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Saldanha including houses, flats, townhouses, offices and commercial properties in Saldanha.

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Sold Property in Saldanha, Western Cape

  Property Price   Transfer Date Street No Street Name Mun Suburb Stand No   Stand Size
    R1,260,000   05/12/2007 43 VAN RIEBEECK SALDANHA 2068   992.0SQM
    R555,000   21/12/2007 59 CHURCH SALDANHA 1591   496.0SQM
    R260,000   21/01/2008 SALDANHA 13715   430.0SQM
    R260,000   21/01/2008 SALDANHA 13736   326.0SQM
    R620,000   11/01/2008 91 MAIN SALDANHA 2263   495.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 13 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1497   496.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 11 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1498   496.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 13 BOUNDARY SALDANHA 1499   468.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 9 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1500   873.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 7 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1501   783.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 5 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1502   693.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 3 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1503   603.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 1 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1504   935.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 13 SEA BRIDE SALDANHA 1517   496.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 14 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1518   496.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 12 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1519   496.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 11 SEA BRIDE SALDANHA 1520   496.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 9 SEA BRIDE SALDANHA 1521   496.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 10 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1522   496.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 8 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1523   496.0SQM
    R260,000   15/02/2008 SALDANHA 13665   398.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 7 SEA BRIDE SALDANHA 1524   496.0SQM
    R6,400,000   07/02/2008 6 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1526   496.0SQM
    R340,000   04/02/2008 SALDANHA 13761   266.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 19 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1490   496.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 19 BOUNDARY SALDANHA 1492   738.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 17 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1493   496.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 15 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1494   496.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 17 BOUNDARY SALDANHA 1495   648.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 15 BOUNDARY SALDANHA 1496   557.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 13 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1497   496.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 11 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1498   496.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 13 BOUNDARY SALDANHA 1499   468.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 9 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1500   873.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 7 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1501   783.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 5 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1502   693.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 3 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1503   603.0SQM
    R2,200,000   07/02/2008 1 HENSCHCLIFF SALDANHA 1504   935.0SQM
    R780,000   15/02/2008 41 BRUYDEGOM SALDANHA 2753   496.0SQM
    R600,000   18/02/2008 48 BAY VIEW SALDANHA 3175   496.0SQM

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