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Property in Stellenbosch situated in the Boland & Overberg Region of the Western Cape province of South Africa

Property in South Africa > Property in Western Cape > Property in Boland and Overberg Regions > Property in Stellenbosch

By property in Stellenbosch and you are buying property in the heart of South Africa's wine industry. Stellenbosch is a place of great beauty and culture that's steeped in South African tradition.

The centre of Stellenbosch is characterised by the oak-lined Dorp Street. With its venerable old buildings, this is the University's main thoroughfare, where modern student life sits comfortably side by side with South African history and architectural heritage. Stellenbosch has many galleries and museums housing important national and international art collections and Stellenbosch is also home to South Africa's oldest music school.

The Stellenbosch Wine Route is arguably the most famous of South Africa's wine routes. Several Hiking trails are available in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve ranging from an easy 5,3 km scenic walk to the challenging 17.1 km Panorama Trail and the 18 km Swartboskloof Trail.

At No Agent you will find a variety of property for sale and to rent in Stellenbosch, Western Cape including houses, flats, townhouses, offices and commercial properties in Stellenbosch.

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Sold Property in Stellenbosch, Western Cape

  Property Price   Transfer Date Street No Street Name Mun Suburb Stand No   Stand Size
    R1,250,000   24/05/2006 ERF414 WILLOW STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 9598   225.0SQM
    R950,000   09/06/2006 19 D S BOTHA STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 10736   263.0SQM
    R3,100,000   22/06/2006 16 BARRY STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 1486   1129.0SQM
    R2,700,000   12/07/2006 32 DENNESIG STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 196   922.0SQM
    R18,500,000   03/08/2006 ADAM TAS STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 7591   9078.0SQM
    R1,900,000   31/07/2006 23 PAUL KRUGER STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 158   936.0SQM
    R2,400,000   01/08/2006 7 HAMMAN STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 768   694.0SQM
    R3,280,000   14/07/2006 7 GREENWICH STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 1198   902.0SQM
    R26,220,000   29/08/2006 15 DENNESIG STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 14626   5415.0SQM
    R2,500,000   07/09/2006 9 HEROLD STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 6089   964.0SQM
    R5,395,050   15/08/2006 38 DORP STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 442   643.0SQM
    R3,000,000   01/09/2006 12 WEIDENHOF STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 11193   899.0SQM
    R18,240,000   29/08/2006 15 DENNESIG STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 14626   5415.0SQM
    R1,350,000   20/09/2006 31 MOUNT NELSON STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 145   937.0SQM
    R2,300,000   17/11/2006 15 DU TOIT STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 287   1031.0SQM
    R2,000,000   21/11/2006 10 HAMMAN STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 760   722.0SQM
    R2,360,000   16/11/2006 15 MIDDEBOSCH STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 13275   126.0SQM
    R1,500,000   30/11/2006 17 HEROLD STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 6087   463.0SQM
    R1,400,000   30/11/2006 120 MAIN STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 9581   265.0SQM
    R1,150,000   01/12/2006 ERF104 WILLOW STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 9601   278.0SQM
    R1,290,000   30/11/2006 ERF416 SAUNDERS STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 9599   277.0SQM
    R3,200,000   14/12/2006 3 MEYER STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 7603   1237.0SQM
    R2,050,000   18/12/2006 22 KRIGE STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 748   281.0SQM
    R1,800,000   21/12/2006 68 COOPER STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 2400   460.0SQM
    R8,208,000   21/12/2006 103 DORP STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 796   698.0SQM
    R850,000   04/01/2007 8 D S BOTHA STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 10737   95.0SQM
    R850,000   04/01/2007 8 DS BOTHA STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 10754   21.0SQM
    R2,100,000   08/01/2007 STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 15701   119.0SQM
    R1,380,000   18/01/2007 34 KAREE STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 9614   255.0SQM
    R9,000,000   19/01/2007 7 SCHRTDER STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 3766   1542.0SQM
    R5,700,000   25/01/2007 9 NOORDWAL STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 5972   2156.0SQM
    R1,600,000   26/01/2007 42 BANGHOEK STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 7360   223.0SQM
    R2,200,000   09/02/2007 9 OEWERTUYN STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 13474   193.0SQM
    R1,500,000   14/02/2007 6 HAMMAN STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 762   721.0SQM
    R4,700,000   16/03/2007 5 RICHMOND STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 13787   788.0SQM
    R7,000,000   16/03/2007 32 DENNESIG STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 196   922.0SQM
    R7,000,000   16/03/2007 30 DENNESIG STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 200   1115.0SQM
    R4,000,000   26/03/2007 19 PAUL KRUGER STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 156   937.0SQM
    R3,300,000   09/03/2007 3 JOUBERT STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 2455   496.0SQM
    R3,300,000   09/03/2007 60 BIRD STELLENBOSCH CENTRAL 2456   496.0SQM

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