Wood Flooring

Wood Kitchen Flooring Warmth, Beauty, and a lot of Style

Wood kitchen flooring has been around for ages. Wood comes in a variety of finishes and quality, because of which the costs also vary greatly from one to another. In terms of colour and design, there is a lot of flexibility in the types of wood available today.

The difference lies in the colour, grain of wood and the strength. This gives you, the customer, a lot of choices in deciding how you want your kitchen to appear.

Some of the common types of hardwood floors are strip, plank, parquet, and hand scrapped. In addition to this, you also get unfinished and pre-finished hardwood flooring.

Strip hardwood comes in small strips and is suited for small kitchens for a spacious look. Plank hardwood is available in larger widths than the strip type, although the effect is similar. Parquet hardwood flooring is put together from pieces of wood to create unique patterns. The hand-scrapped type has a rustic look and is ribbed, so that any flaws go unnoticed. Unfinished kind of wood flooring carries a natural look since it is not stained or polished. With these, you can choose the look of your kitchen floor easily.

The pre-finished hardwood floor, as the name suggests, comes well sanded for a smooth look and is stained, just ready to install. Since it is considered more reasonably priced than unfinished custom hardwood flooring, pre-finished is quite popular. The final look of your kitchen will depend on the wood’s grade and finish.

Hardwood is usually treated with a fire retardant to make it less susceptible to fire which is something I strongly recommend. As far as maintenance goes, sweeping, vacuum cleaning or dry mopping is all that really needs to be done.

Most floors are treated with finishes that make them moisture resistant; however, stagnant water can permeate into the surface and affect it adversely. It is a good idea to use mats near the washing area, food preparation area and under any furniture to avoid scratching the floor. Installing hardwood kitchen flooring is much easier today than it used to be earlier since you can add it to an existing floor to give your kitchen a quick makeover.

Pros and Cons of Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood flooring gives your kitchen warmth and beauty and suits both contemporary and traditional decors. It is easy to install and can last a lifetime with good maintenance. The variety is quite large in terms of finish and quality.

Hardwood is prone to scratching and therefore, needs to be finished very well. It is also susceptible to moisture and some kinds of wood can expand and contract with the changes in weather, so they aren’t meant for every type of climate.

Regardless of its maintenance considerations, hardwood is a great choice of flooring for kitchens. A well-finished floor will prevent the formation of mould. For the environmentally conscious, hardwood is a recyclable material. Hardwood kitchen floors are durable and can practically last a lifetime if well cared for and maintained.